The conferences and forums of the RENEXPO® Poland have become an important meeting place to gather information about current market developments and trends. This platform helps you to forge new contacts and to inform yourself about the latest know-how. Speakers from politics, research and development and professional users report on their current experiences are providing solutions for the future of renewable energy and energy-efficiency in Poland. In cooperation with organizations and industry associations REECO plans this year to organize the following conferences and forums for a national and international public:

Event Type:
Oct. 19-21, 2016
Warsaw , Poland

Why should you exhibit?

RENEXPO Poland is a special event on the Polish market. Its concept aims to develop a new way of networking, where big and small scale companies present their services, innovations and ideas to a specialist audience. Key players and decision-makers attending the event are available there to answer questions, to advise and to inform customers about the potential, future trends, law and problems of the renewable energy market in Poland.

As an exhibitor of the RENEXPO Poland:

  • You can meet your target group
  • You can build a new network
  • You can keep in touch with your partners
  • RENEXPO® Poland is the place to build your image
  • You can take part in high level conferences organised parallel to the event
  • You can benefit from the communication-campaign
  • We support and help our exhibitors with special marketing tools, e.g. with online free ticket links, printed free tickets, newsletters, banners and participation at the professional forum
  • Good trade fair location in one of the most beautiful metropolis' of Europe
  • You have the possibility for business matching with Polish companies

The target groups of the trade fair:Investors, communes, majors, decision-makers of institutions, engineerings, manufacturers, planners, project managers, energy producers, energy providers, energy dealers, financers, tenderers, supporters, regional improving professionals

Secure your stand at the RENEXPO® Poland and request your non-binding quotation.

For a start, thegoal should be clearly defined.Why do you take part in this fair? What do you want to accomplish?

The most common goals that are set by the companies participating in the fair are:

  • sales, signing agreements
  • examination, monitoring of the market and competition activities
  • contact with clients (partners) and establishing contacts with potential clients (partners)
  • company image building
  • presentation of the company offer and products
  • introducing new products/services to the market           

Defining goals involves decidingwho will be present at the fair and represent the company- be it the marketing manager, a salesperson or a technician. The goals should be also considered while preparingmarketing materialsto be presented at the stand, or deciding onwhich products to present. It is crucial toimpress the visitors. Please bear in mind that the first impression is often crucial. Trade fairs are part of day-to-day business for many companies, as they participate in many events throughout the year. However, one should not forget that the particular group of visitors is present at the particular fair and hence it is important toleave a good impression.

Defining goals also relates to the issue of potential visitors. A question should be asked before the fair - who do you want to meet during the fair,who should visit your stand?Therefore, carefully preparedinvitationsshould be passed those who are invited, making it easier for them to find your stand. It is often the case that the fair organizers offer advertising materials in the form of badges, posters, etc. - take advantage of this andbe a part of the trade fair communication campaign.

Trade fair organizers usually ask about their exhibitors' products - provide them with such information, this way you will become an active part of their communication campaign, otherwise it will be your competitors who will benefit from it. When writing press releases for the media, the organizers need this information from the exhibitors. Not getting it, they either do not write about a given exhibitor, or look for the info themselves, which means that as an exhibitor you do not have direct influence on what is to be released.

IMPORTANT - remember about the social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Xing and others), their role in the communication process is huge. What is also incredibly important is the stand design. It is best when its colours reflect your brand. Most of us are visual learners; therefore the appearance of the stand which reflects the brand will stay in the visitors' memory a lot longer.People representing the stand are an integral part of it. It is important that such persons are communicative and able to make contact with a potential client. What clearly should not happen is a situation when a client is waiting at the stand for a couple of minutes, takes some advertising materials and nobody approaches them to provide information on the company or a product. This way nobody will be encouraged to cooperate.

Relevant materials at the stand are what is necessary for effective contact with the visitors. In addition to typical marketing materials, one should not forget about the informative oneswhich should include important data concerning your products. And most importantly -the proper amount of business cards- these should not run out under any circumstances. What is also helpful are visitor forms for the stand visitors where you enter contact details of your client, or potential client. More and more companies practice such a solution. Still another important thing at the stand are advertising gifts- they are to attract the visitor's attention and be a kind of the company 'business card'. The more practical they are, the more the visitor will keep them, and the longer they will be associated with your company.

Additional attractions - let us consider investing and preparing additional attractions for visitors. We have a number of options, from lotteries to competitions. In fact, such things attract people and stay in their memory. After all, each of us would be happy to win and receive a prize.

Mediarepresentatives are an important group visiting the fair. It is advised to prepare special materials for them as well to catch their attention. This will bring positive feedback after the fair. It is a good idea to contact the sector media in advance so that they have a chance to become familiar with your company and its products. The clearer and more interesting your message for the media will be, the greater the chance they will have interest in your product.

When participating in the fair, let us not underestimate the event itself. Make familiar with the exhibitors list,it may include your partners/clients or potential partners/clients, and you may want to arrange some appointments with them.

There are many accompanying events taking place during the fair- learn about them, you may want to take part in them. Conferences are also important places of trade meetings;you may want to take an interest in them to make contact with the participants or the speakers. More and more often, the organizers offerCo-operative Meetings - do not miss them, it is a place where you may meet particular clients/partners who are interested in our industry. 

Various kinds of prizesare often offered by the organizers as part of the fair -whether for innovative technology or the nicest stand - take part in them.Submit your company and products, but do not forget to provide an adequate description, photos are always welcome. The more detailed the information, the bigger the chances you will be spotted.


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