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US Biogas 2019

Join over 350 biogas and RNG experts at the 2019 conference to learn how to develop profitable biogas projects using a variety of feedstocks and project configurations.
Event Type:
Trade Show/Exhibition
Oct. 1-2, 2019
San Diego , CA , USA

  • Explore funding options for private and public partnerships in biogas development:

    Discover ways to maximize ownership interest and minimize debt to attract investors while mitigating risk to boost productivity and long-term prospects

  • Discuss the latest state and federal incentive program and its impact on biogas demand:

    Learn about LCFS and RFS pathways, while gaining clarity on the tax structure for compliance purposes and operation of commercially advantageous projects

  • Capitalize on organic waste disposal opportunities:

    Analyze strategies for compliance with the latest organic waste diversion legislation and explore innovative technologies to turn this challenge into a commercial opportunity

  • Overcome pipeline interconnection obstacles:

    Review the current incentive scheme and the latest development case studies to understand what you need to do to reach utility gas standards and maximize financial gains from your biogas products

  • Hear the latest predictions on US biogas demand:

    Understand how to define the value of your products for maximum bottom line results as the biogas-RNG buyer community continues to develop

  • Reduce risk in development, construction and operations:

    Learn how to mitigate risk at every stage of your project from USA’s most active project developers, municipalities and waste management facilities

Developers and AD plant owners

  • Meet with feedstock providers (municipalities, food production, WWT plant operators, agriculture sign long-term feedstock agreements and develop profitable new projects
  • Identify technology that can help you optimize biogas production at your existing AD plants
  • Learn about Anaerobic digestion expansions and retrofits
  • Improve AD operations and maintenance to reduce OPEX of the aerobic treatment, maximize biogas production and extend life
  • Receive an analysis of the current and future regulations supporting waste conversion including the RFS, LCFS and RIN Market opportunities
  • Learn how to build and finance new projects
  • Hear pipeline operators, utilities and the public utilities commission debate gas interconnection standards and how AD operators can speed up the interconnection process


  • Evaluate the different waste management solutions for Biosolids and organics waste recycling technology to help you improve solid waste planning, and solid waste facility and landfill compliance, including AB939; AB32; AB1826
  • Find out how other municipalities are achieving landfill diversion goals and what technology they are using so you can plan your projects and secure grants and funding
  • Learn how AD technology can be used to covert organic and solid waste into biogas and used as renewable fuel or electric power generation.
  • Form partnerships with the industry’s leading AD developers and technology providers so you can achieve compliance and best utilize (or even monetize) your organic waste streams

Feedstock Owners

  • Select the best waste conversion technologies that suits your project specifications and feedstocks
  • Learn of the latest anaerobic digestion project case studies, their different applications how they were financed
  • Analyse the AD Market and how AD technology is being developed for various applications including: MSW, Waste Water Treatment, Food Production and CHP
  • Developers can meet feedstock suppliers to secure long-term waste agreements and secure new contracts for AD projects

  • Biogas and RNG project developers
  • Municipal government & public authorities
  • RNG and biofuels fleet owners and operators
  • Utilities, power generation and energy companies
  • Plant and equipment manufacturers
  • Operations & maintenance providers
  • Asset managers
  • Financiers, insurance and legal services
  • Corporates and sustainability officers
  • Consultancies

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