Wind O&M Canada 2016


For the 3rd edition of Wind O&M Canada we’re pulling out all the stops to ensure every major session from CMS, Blade/Gearbox Maintenance, HSE, Warranties and more is tackled in as engaging a way as possible. We’re placing a new focus on expertly moderated wind O&M roundtables, panels and peer-to-peer Q&A to make sure tyou get a chance to review every major O&M claim and innovation.

Event Type:
Nov. 29-30, 2016
108 Chestnut Street
Doubletree Toronto , ON , Canada

Wind Optimization & Maintenance Canada is a wholly independent national event focused on bringing  ogether all top executives in the Canadian wind value chain. Our goal is to provide a unique space from which the industry leaders can drive up AEP across their wind portfolios. This event has been created to facilitate key partnerships and foster collaboration between leading IPPs, Utilities, Owner Developers, Private Wind Investors, OEMs, ISPs, Technical Engineering, Vendors, R&D, Centres, Local & Provincial policy makers and all others interested in the development of a more lucrative wind industry nationally. Wind Energy Update is able to do this through the provision of exceptional market foresight, in depth generation data analysis and a collection of only the best case study presented business models – all of which will change the way you think about operating turbines from the ground up.

We’ve been able to learn from our experience in creating the leading forum for the US wind supply chain (Wind O&M Dallas) and will build on this success by creatingvaluable local content and insights for the all players within the Canadian wind energy community.

The Value
The true value of Wind O&M Canada is achieved when we provide world class peer-to-peer networking, and ensure that you do not waste time wandering a trade expo. Instead, you’ll meet only a condensed audience of likeminded decision makers in an exclusive environment designed purely for the provision of clear, concise and invaluable business insights.

5 Key Reasons to Attend Wind O&M Canada 2016!

  • NEW O&M CASE STUDIES: Get a grip with wind O&M anytime, anyplace, any weather when you evaluate only the most innovative blade, gearbox and bearings techniques used by wind operators now to truly boost AEP
  • Benefit from exclusive owner-led CMS case studies that demonstrate in detail how CMS systems have been used to identify symptoms and expedite wind turbine fault remediation with net revenue benefits to Canadian wind farms
  • Understand how to best execute wind turbine warranty rights, optimize owner-OEM communication to exceed availability & energy yield targets from all your turbines
  • Face up to the challenge of post-warranty transition, understand what service model works at what wind fleet scale and take home unique lessons learned from the best self-service owners, OEMs & ISPs north of the border
  • Learn how to rethink human capital in wind O&M when you receive exceptional peer led insights covering scheduling, maximization of people dollars and the safeguarding all your resources to achieve more but risk far less

  • TechnoCentre Eolien joins as Official Conference Partner

    The Renowned research insititute in Quebec joins the conference to provide unique insights and perspectives for wind farm operators working in the harshest climates. Members recieve an exclusive $200CAD discount - enquire for more details

  • Reimagine Peer-to-Peer Networking:

    Take advantage of 6+ hours of structured executive networking sessions to connect you with the expertise you never knew you were missing!

  • All New Cold Weather Tech Showcase:

    The most innovative cold weather O&M solutions will expose truly game changing products that are set to improve the business case for cold climate turbines for good

  • Develop from Big Data to Smart Decisions:

    Get a unique chance to evaluate vendor ROI and understand what AEP gains your turbines could be making with retrofit and upgrade system investment

  • Delve Deeper in the Best Owner Case Studies:

    Use our pioneering conference Q&A & live polling tool to get beneath the surface of all expert presentations and better target the insights you need the most

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