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World Renewable Energy Congress - WREC - 2018


This is WREN Eighteen World Congress and the second one at the University of Kingston, UK 30 July-3 August 2018. Renewable energy is a fast growing industry – providing jobs for 6 million people globally and triggering annual investment of $300 billion world-wide. Renewables can drastically reduce dependence on energy imports and provide rapidly increasing contributions to urgently needed electricity demand globally. Renewables are the cornerstone and foundation of a truly sustainable energy future.

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Jul. 30, 2018 - Aug. 3, 2018
Kingston University
London , UK

Our mission is to promote enabling policies and to further develop a broad range of renewable energy technologies and applications in all sectors – for heating and cooling, agricultural applications, water desalination, industrial applications and for the transport sectors leading to A BETTER, CLEANER AND SAFER WORLD.

1. Photovoltaic Technology
2. Solar Thermal, Heat Pumps
3. Sustainable & Low Energy Architecture (Making buildings work with renewables)
4. Biomass & Waste-to-energy
5. Policy, Finance, Education & Sustainability
6. Energy Meteorology
7. Wind Energy
8. Water, Hydropower & Ocean Energ
9. Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, Transport
10. Renewable System Integration
11. Geothermal Energy
12. Energy & Gender

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