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  • Tesoro Petroleum - 22-MW CHP System - Case Study

    Tesoro Petroleum - 22-MW CHP System - Case Study

    Quick Facts LOCATION: Salt Lake City, UtahMARKET SECTOR: RefineriesTOTAL PROJECT COST: $25,000,000ENERGY BILL IMPACTS: $200,000 in savings plus $300,000 in sales to utilityPAYBACK: 4.2 yearsEQUIPMENT: 2 Solar Titan Turbines and 2 Rentech Heat


Equipment & Solutions

  • Portable Fuel Dilution Meter

    Portable Fuel Dilution Meter

    The FDM 6000 is a portable, battery operated fuel dilution meter that determines the concentration of fuel dilution present in an oil sample within a matter of minutes. The FDM 6000 uses a unique patent pending fang design to pierce the cap of a disposable sample vial and draws in the headspace from the vial. The headspace flows over a SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) sensor which reacts ...