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  • Power Play: Jet Engines Won’t Be The Only GE Tech Powering New Civilian Supersonic Jet

    It’s been 16 years since the Concorde landed for the last time and the iconic supersonic jet became a coveted museum exhibit. But engineers working on civilian supersonic jets are nowhere near ready to give up on their dreams. If you listen to them, we’re about to enter an era where quieter and more fuel-efficient supersonic jets will again zip across the sky.Early in ...

  • Taking matters into hand - Case Study

    Biofuels must be up to scratch as contaminated or improperly blended fuel can damage a  company’s bottom line. To ensure product quality several options exist including laboratory ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Portable Fuel Dilution Meter

    Portable Fuel Dilution Meter

    The FDM 6000 is a portable, battery operated fuel dilution meter that determines the concentration of fuel dilution present in an oil sample within a matter of minutes. The FDM 6000 uses a unique patent pending fang design to pierce the cap of a disposable sample vial and draws in the headspace from the vial. The headspace flows over a SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) sensor which reacts ...