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  • Incentives for aviation biofuel have a limited role in decarbonisation of air travel

    While it was once hoped that biofuel would be a game-changer for transport emissions, evidence has since emerged of unwanted effects from biofuel production, including direct effects such as deforestation to grow biofuel crops, and ‘Indirect Land Use Change’ (ILUC) effects such as the use of previously forested land for agriculture (if agricultural land is used) for biofuel. Recent ...


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  • Catalytic Glow Plugs

    Catalytic Glow Plugs

    PCI is developing catalytic glow plug technology to expand the capabilities of engines using heavy fuels, such as diesel or JP-8. These fuels are less volatile during transport and relatively easier to refine from petroleum than their traditional counterparts (e.g. aviation gasoline), but heavy fueled engines have historically been plagued by reliability issues. PCI"s catalytic glow plug ...