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  • Understanding ASTM D3174

    Understanding ASTM D3174

    Formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials, ASTM has been setting a widely-recognized and revered standard for testing and evaluating materials for well over a century. ASTM is the authority for all respected and reputable American institutions who wish to benefit from nationwide knowhow and testing techniques. As one of the industry’s most innovative furnace ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Ash Fusibility Test Furnace

    Ash Fusibility Test Furnace

    The CAF 16/38 is designed to test coal ash fusibility according to BS ISO 540:2008. The CAF 16/38 requires manual observation and recording of the transition points. In addition, a CAF furnace with automated digital image capture and archiving using Windows compatible software, the Coal Ash Fusibility Test Furnaces CAF G5, is available.