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Coal Ash equipment for Fossil Energy

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    Carbolite - Model CAF G5 - Ash Fusibility Test Furnace

    The CAF G5 is a furnace designed to test ash fusibility, and optionally, the increasingly popular determination of biomass or solid recovered fuels testing. The coal ash fusibility test furnace conforms to the Standards ISO 540:2008; ASTM D 1857 / D1857M – 04 (2010); DIN 51730:2007-09; DD CEN/TS 15370-1:2006 (biomass) and PD CEN/TR ...

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    Carbolite - Model CAF 16/38 - Ash Fusibility Test Furnace

    The CAF 16/38 is designed to test coal ash fusibility according to BS ISO 540:2008. The CAF 16/38 requires manual observation and recording of the transition points. In addition, a CAF furnace with automated digital image capture and archiving using Windows compatible software, the Coal Ash Fusibility Test Furnaces CAF G5, is available.

  • Model MB-3 - Rigid Igniter

    Safe-Fire’s MB-3 Igniter has been specifically designed for boilers burning higher ash content coal or operating in harsh environments; it resists erosion from the harsh secondary air. Choose our MB-3, for a smooth, trouble-free ignition for large coal-fired boilers, particularly tangential firing types.

    By Safe-Fire Inc. based in Irwindale, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Ignition Product line

  • Modular Bolted Plate Silos

    Agora Services Plate Silos are suitable for most powder and granular materials. Their high quality design can accommodate the increased stresses where high capacity filling and emptying takes place at frequent intervals. For materials with difficult flow characteristics such as soya meal, or for heavy products such as coal, ash, etc. the Plate ...

    By Agora Services Limited based in Northants, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Natural Cinders - Use of Coal Cinders & Bottom Ash and Clinkers

    In many jurisdictions, the use of coal cinders, bottom ash and clinkers has been banned. Natural Cinders is a new, proven STOPLEAK solution that quickly seals gates & stop logs and is environmentally friendly. To ensure optimum, repeatable performance, we have created a custom blend of this naturally occurring material that outperforms other ...

    By J.M. Power Aggregates Limited based in Arnprior, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Metallurgical Coke

    Oxbow Carbon LLC purchases, screens and distributes more than a million tons of metallurgical coke annually. Oxbow distributes metallurgical coke sourced from China, Colombia, Europe and the United States to companies throughout Asia, the Americas, and Europe

    By Oxbow Carbon LLC based in West Palm Beach, FLORIDA (USA). from Industrial Materials Product line

  • 5E - Model AF4105 - Ash Fusion Determinator

    5E-AF4105 Ash Fusion Determinator is used to determine ash cone deformation temperatures in coal ash, biomass ash and mold powders automatically, which are critical to the boiler functioning properly and to avoid slagging and fouling.

    By CKIC based in Changsha, CHINA.

  • 5E - Model AF4000 - Ash Fusibility Determinator

    5E-AF4000 Ash Fusion Determinator is used to determine ash cone deformation temperatures in coal ash, coke ash, biomass ash and mold powders automatically, which are critical to the boiler functioning properly and to avoid slagging and fouling.

    By CKIC based in Changsha, CHINA.

  • Fly Ash for Concrete

    Fly ash – the most commonly used coal combustion product – is a remarkable material that cost-effectively improves the performance of products it is added to. For instance, in making concrete, cement is mixed with water to create the “glue” that holds strong aggregates together. Fly ash works in tandem with cement in the ...

    By Headwaters Resources, Inc. based in South Jordan, UTAH (USA).

  • Thermax - Circulating Fluidised Bed Combustion Boiler

    The boiler with its simplified, cost-effective and efficient design provides improved performance. Benefits include high combustion efficiency, high reliability and availability, low maintenance costs, reduced erosion, enormous fuel flexibility and low emissions. Thermax's CFBC boiler is based on Babcock & Wilcox's unique internal ...

    By Thermax Limited based in Wakdewadi, INDIA. from Boilers & Heaters Product line

  • Planetary Silo Dischargers

    Agora Services Planetary Silo Dischargers are designed for use in flat bottomed silo for unloading difficult flowing materials such as coal, ash, cereal meal, etc. The drive mechanism gives both rotational and progression movement to an Archimedean screw allowing the discharger to work on the principle 'first in first out', by drawing material ...

    By Agora Services Limited based in Northants, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Fly Ash Silos

    Fly ash is a useful material in a lot of areas, it is one of the product after the burning of coal, composed by exiguous particles that are driven out of a boiler with the flue gases. In chemical and physical, there are many forms of fly ash, the typical type of fly ash contains much silicon dioxide and calcium oxide, which make it frictional and ...

  • White Coal

    It is a coal substitute made from agriculture and forest waste.This white coal can be efficiently used to replace coal and fire wood.The fuel briquettes are converted from the agro waste to solid cylinder shape logs using very high mechanical pressure, without help of any chemical or binder.

    By SLT Energy Ltd based in Gandhinagar, INDIA.

  • C-Stone - Quality Manufactured Aggregate from Recycled Fly Ash

    C-Stone is a quality crushed aggregate manufactured from fly ash, a product of coal burning electric generating plants. C-Stone varies in size from fine particles to threeinch stones and resembles crushed limestone. With cementitious properties, C-stone is an economical base material used in a variety of paving operations, including feedlots, ...

    By Headwaters Resources, Inc. based in South Jordan, UTAH (USA).

  • CPL - Traditional House Coal

    CPL’s Traditional House Coal is a classic fuel which has been used across the UK for decades, keeping houses warm through even the coldest winters. Traditional House Coal is a popular coal for use on open fires, and some coal burning appliances. It's easy to light, burns with a long and strong flame, and has a low ash content, making it ...

    By Coal Products Ltd (CPL) based in Killamarsh, UNITED KINGDOM. from Coal Product line

  • Protective Storage Covers

    JMI manufactures reliable, cost effective Protective Storage Covers for companies who utilize outside storage for their commodities.

    By JMI Covers, L.L.C. - a wholly owned subsidiary of J&M Industries based in Ponchatoula, LOUISIANA (USA). from Industrial Products Product line

  • Agico - Fly Ash Silo

    Fly ash is also called coal ash, it is widely used in many fields. However, the wide application of fly ash also increases the risk of environmental pollution. The common pollution contains groundwater contamination and air pollution. Therefore, it is important to find a good way to store it to prevent environmental pollution. Steel silos are one ...

  • Model BBQ - Charcoal

    BBQ Charcoal is perfect for BBQ’s and many forms of traditional style cooking as well as open fireplaces and other forms of fire heating. The pieces of charcoal are sized at an average of between 1- 7 centimetres long, although smaller pieces can occur as a result of transporting the product. This product is used in Charcoal ...

    By Renewable Carbon Resources Australia (RCRA) based in Charleville, AUSTRALIA.

  • Coal Ash

    Coal ash is a by-product generated from the combustion of coal, primarily from power generation plants around the world. Coal ash, depending on the specific coal bed makeup, can contain toxic constituents in varying amounts that include arsenic, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, lead, mercury, strontium, along with dioxins, to name a few. In itself, ...

    By WI Environmental based in Clinton, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Fly Ash Steel Silo

    Our company provides a wide range of different fly ash steel silos for storing fly ash which comes from various fields. That is because the wide application of fly ash gives rise to the environmental pollution like groundwater contamination and air pollution. So fly ash steel silo is one of the perfect ways to store fly ash to prevent ...

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