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  • Orbost Gas Plant Upgrade, Australia - Case Study

    Orbost Gas Plant Upgrade, Australia - Case Study

    Clarke Energy has been engaged by APA Group to provide engineering design and supply of four of GE’s high efficiency Jenbacher 420 1.498 MWe containerised gas engines for the Orbost Gas Plant upgrade in Victoria, Austral

  • FPC Diesel Fuel Additive Case Study

    The most comprehensive study ever conducted on FPC, if not any fuel additive, is the University of Western Australia (UWA) Scientific Study conducted at the UWA Centre for Energy by world-renowned ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Controller System

    Controller System

    Our AVC Specialist brand Rappercon 900 Controller is designed to clear fly ash and other particules from the high voltage frames and electrodes of an Electro-Static Precipitator, knock the ash from collecting plates, clear the material inside the hoppers, or move any material in conveyors where plugging is a concern. The Rappercon 900 Controller card rack can handle up to 32 discrete inputs for ...