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Fuel Flow Monitoring equipment for Fossil Energy

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    Rotork - Model JR Series - Damper Drive

    The JR Series was designed specifically for wall-fired boilers with burners using a combination of fuel and combustion air. The JR Series controls the secondary air that is introduced at the burner and the air/fuel ratio is regulated by a sliding-sleeve damper to balance the air flow distribution. The JR Series offers ‘split ...

    By Rotork plc based in Bath, UNITED KINGDOM. from Fluid Power Actuators Product line

  • Model MT-7SM - Fuel Dispenser

    Single inlet / single outlet. With mechanical counter register. MT-7 serie dispenser is a configurable fuel dispenser, designed to fit your specific retail fuelling needs. This flexibility allows you to choose from varying hose reach up to 7.5 meters. MT-7 enables fast fleet fueling with flow rates up to 200 liters/min according to the model.

    By Gulersan Lubrication Equipment Co Ltd. based in Ümraniye / Istanbul, TURKEY. from Fuel Pumps and Oil Meters Product line

  • Model K33 - Diesel Meter

    K33 and K44 are nutating-disk meters that measure the exact quantity of the dispensed fuel or lubricant. They are designed for non-commercial use only. These flow-meters are reliable, inexpensive, easy to install and simple to calibrate on the workplace. The Pulser model is fitted with a pulse emitter for connection to a fuel management system. ...

    By Gulersan Lubrication Equipment Co Ltd. based in Ümraniye / Istanbul, TURKEY. from Fuel Pumps and Oil Meters Product line

  • Model 74ME4014 - Rotary Vane Meter

    74 M/E E4014 (PD Rotor/Vane Type) meter is a positive replacement type, has a 4” diameter of inlet/outlet dimensions and 180º inlet and outlet connections. The accuracy of the meter is certain in every pressure and flow rate. Inner mechanism consist of cast iron, steel and non-abrasive parts. The meter has a low ignition temperature. ...

    By Gulersan Lubrication Equipment Co Ltd. based in Ümraniye / Istanbul, TURKEY. from Fuel Pumps and Oil Meters Product line

  • Fuel Flow Meter

    Digital Flow Meters measure how much fuel has been treated with the ALGAE-X Mobile Tank Cleaner or Fuel Polishing Systems.

    By AXI International based in Fort Myers, FLORIDA (USA). from Accessories Product line

  • Model MG80 1 - Fuel / Diesel Flow Meter

    MG80 Fuel / Diesel Flow Meter . 10~90 L/min, Accuracy: +/- 1% . 1' BSP connections . 3 digit resetabble / 6 digit non resetabble total . Flexible Installation options due to port arrangement . Polyamide Resin construction (fireproof) . Max 3.5 Bar working pressure, 60ºC Max Temp { Not suitable for Petrol }.

    By Bell Flow Systems Ltd. based in Buckingham Bucks, UNITED KINGDOM. from Oil Meter & Oil Flow Meters Product line

  • Dunphy - Model T series - Axial Air Flow Burners

    The 'T' series of monobloc, axial air flow burners are designed for use with all liquid and gaseous fuels and are suitable for industrial, process, property, waste to energy, drying and wastewater treatment applications. The burners' axial air flow produces the uniform air distribution essential to ensuring high combustion efficiency across a wide ...

    By Dunphy Combustion Ltd based in Rochdale, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model LCV 500 - Modular Scalable LCV Combustor

    This type of LCV combustor is designed for a maximume of flexibility to adapt it the the LCV gas quanity and composition of each project. The size and the number of the burners can bea varied for this purpose. The circular reactor design shown below is good for LCV gas flows of 250-1000 Nm³/h. For even largesr systems we pre-maufactur ...

    By e-flox GmbH based in Renningen, GERMANY.

  • KRAL Volumeter. Fuel Consumption Measurement for Locomotives

    Reduce fuel costs, check locomotive agreements, prevent engine damage, and collect data for R&D, service and maintenance. KRAL provides a special compact module, the OMX 20, for diesel railcars with an underfloor drive. This compact module contains two KRAL Volumeters, which check fuel consumption of the diesel engine in the power pack by ...

    By KRAL AG based in Lustenau, AUSTRIA. from Industries - Traffic System Product line

  • Clean Burn - Model CB-1750 - Waste Oil Furnace

    The Clean Burn Model CB-1750 produces approximately 175,000 BTU/hr. and is the smallest of the low profile designs, making it ideal for numerous applications and convenient installations. As a broad guideline, the Model CB-1750 is suitable for facilities generating smaller quantities of waste oil annually

    By Clean Burn, LLC based in Janesville, WISCONSIN (USA). from Waste Oil Furnaces Product line

  • Sweet CalorMatic - Heat Processor

    The CalorMatic is modern technology that makes heat processing of a variety of free-flowing materials simple, practical, and profitable. Natural gas, propane, or alternative fuels, in an efficient burner, heats air which passes through the fully perforated bed of the product chamber. The product is gently, thoroughly, and evenly heated to a ...

    By Sweet Manufacturing Company based in Springfield, OHIO (USA).

  • Tuffa - Model 2500 HBFS - Bunded Fuel Stations

    Complete with: 2' BSP fill connection c/w cap and chain, Vent, Clock gauge, Gas strut assisted lid for ease when opening the lid of the tank, A submersible pump * 240 volt, A digital flowmeter, 4 metres of delivery hose and automatic shut off nozzle, 10 micron filtration, Nozzle holsterOptional Extras: Fire protection, 12 volt / 24 volt external ...

    By Tuffa UK Limited based in Uttoxeter, UNITED KINGDOM. from Bunded Fuel Stations Product line

  • Model AGV 50 - Fuel Metering Valve

    The AGV50 Fuel Metering Valve is intended to meter fuel for turbines in the horsepower range of approximately 5,000HP to 60,000HP. This intelligent fuel valve includes a built in venturi based flow meter providing a very accurate calculation of fuel flow.

    By Continental Controls Corporation based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Gas Turbine Products Product line

  • Model Bex-1614MS - Gas Analyzer For Fuel Cell

    Best Instruments Bex-1614MS is capable of continuously measuring trace amounts of CO or CO2, H2, O2, H2O and N2 gases leaking from fuel cells with a mass spectrometer at a trace sampling flow rate (approx. 50mL/min).

    By Best Instruments Co., Ltd based in Yawata-City, JAPAN.

  • Model ALV10 - Liquid Fuel Metering Valve

    The ALV10 Liquid fuel metering valve is designed for Gas Turbines between 250Kw and approximately 35MW. It is the ideal compliment to either the AGV 10 or AGV 50 gas valves to create a state of the art, fast, switch on the fly, dual fuel system. The valve is fail safe closed so electronic failure, loss of power, or mechanical failures will all ...

    By Continental Controls Corporation based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Gas Turbine Products Product line

  • STS 6000-30GPM Automated Fuel Filtration System

    The STS-6000-30GPM high capacity automated Fuel Optimization & Maintenance System is functionally similar to the 10GPM systems. It is designed for much higher flow rates and larger contaminant holding capacity. The gear pump is protected by a large capacity strainer with magnetic insert. After passing through the fuel conditioner, the fuel is ...

    By AXI International based in Fort Myers, FLORIDA (USA). from Automated Fuel Filtration Systems Product line

  • Chain Grate Stroker

    The Proctor Chain Grate Stoker is an efficient, smokeless coal burner which is suitable for use with a wide range of fuels, particularly smalls. The grate is renowned for its supreme air-flow characteristics. Different grades of grate links can be supplied, depending on the fuel quality. The Stoker features the unique Proctor Fire-Break Unit, ...

    By James Proctor Ltd based in Burnley, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model AZZP - 180 - Burner

    AZZP-180 type burner is used to burn the following types of fuel: wood waste in form of wood chips, pellet, sawdust with moisture of 40%. Max. granulation of fuel is 30 mm. The device can cooperate with open system central heating boilers. Fuel from the tank is fed into the burner with ceramic lining by means of a driven worm conveyor. Fuel ...

    By Zakłady Maszynowe Hamech Sp z o.o. based in Hajnówka, POLAND. from Heating Systems - Burner Product line

  • Model CE-250 - Waste Oil Furnace

    Our CE-250 Waste Oil Furnace is a strong, eco-friendly furnace that’s been designed to efficiently heat a 5 to 8 bay garage. With up to 245,000 BTU’s of output and all of Clean Energy’s patent-pending design advances, it’s a powerful way to heat warehouses, garages and other large spaces that’s as eco-friendly as it ...

    By Clean Energy Heating Systems based in Honey Brook, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Furnaces Product line

  • Credfeld - Low NOx Oil and Gas Burners

    The Credfeld axial flow register produces a suspended flame format where no part of the flame is in contact with the burner quarl. Consequently this maximises the life of the quarl, which is manufactured in special alloy steel. Gas burning can be achieved by individually removable pokers complete with independently removable gas nozzles or with a ...

    By Credfeld Ltd based in Southampton, UNITED KINGDOM.

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