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Fuel Oil Combustion equipment for Fossil Energy

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    ERG - Energy Recovery from Waste Systems

    Recovering energy from waste is a great way to address the problem of how to dispose of waste which cannot be recycled of composted, whilst at the same time reducing operating costs. Despite recent oil price trends, energy continues to be a significant input for industry. It is almost a certainty that the cost of waste disposal will continue to ...

    By ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd based in Horsham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Thermal Systems Product line

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    Fuel Gas Dehumidifiers / Driers

    A fuel gas dehumidifier or gas drier is an ancillary system to a gas engine that is used to remove moisture from the fuel gas for the cogeneration system (dessication). The removal of water from the fuel gas helps to optimise the combustion process in the engin

    By Clarke Energy based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM. from Fuel Preparation for Ancillary Equipment Product line

  • Tigex - Flue Draught Stabilisers

    In almost all heating installations, the draught created in the chimney is greater than that required by the boiler. The draught can van7 from o up to 100 Pa during the heating season. The variations depend on differences in temperature as well as wind conditions. The consequences of an unstable draught are lower efficiency, incomplete combustion ...

    By Atkinson Equipment Ltd based in Westbury, UNITED KINGDOM. from Oil Heating Product line

  • Liquid and Gaseous Fuel Hot Oil Boilers

    They are designed horizontally. They have smaller sizes when compared with solid fueled  boilers. First investment costs are quite lower when matched with  solid fuel boilers. Low flow gas temperatureof  ISIMEK branded hot oil boilers are quite more effective then rivals. They  are coupled with many safety equipment, this is ...

    By ISIMEK BIOMASS BOILER LTD.STI based in KAZAN, TURKEY. from Liquid and Gas Fueled Boiler Systems Product line

  • STAFCO - Biodiesel Storage Tanks

    As the drive for energy independence grows and biodiesel becomes more prevalent, the nation's dependence on oil will be reduced. This massive movement toward biodiesel also has positive effects on the environment; namely, reduction in greenhouse gases and pollution. Biodiesel has many applications, from use in a standard diesel engine to a low ...

    By Steel Tank and Fabricating Corp. based in Columbia City, INDIANA (USA). from Fuel Storage Tanks Product line

  • Para-Dodecylphenol (PDDP-Lube Grade)

    Intermediate for Surfactants, Lube Oil Additives, Fuels, Phenolic Resins

    By SI Group, Inc based in Schenectady, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Burners for Liquid Fuels

    The benefits of FLOX technology when burning fuel oil but also biogenic liquid fuels like glycerine from bio-diesel production have been demonstrated. Low CO and NO concentrations have been demonstrated without any additional fuel. Currently e-flox develops a commercial burner.

    By e-flox GmbH based in Renningen, GERMANY.

  • Model LCV 500 - Modular Scalable LCV Combustor

    This type of LCV combustor is designed for a maximume of flexibility to adapt it the the LCV gas quanity and composition of each project. The size and the number of the burners can bea varied for this purpose. The circular reactor design shown below is good for LCV gas flows of 250-1000 Nm³/h. For even largesr systems we pre-maufactur ...

    By e-flox GmbH based in Renningen, GERMANY.

  • L-10

    An enzyme that is used in conjunction with H-10™, but is typically only used when heavy ended product is being treated such as fuel oil, diesel, crude, etc. It's main purpose is that it fractures the contaminates so the H-10™ can more readily do its job.

    By Bio Rem USA, Inc. based in Broadview Heights, OHIO (USA).

  • Model UVR-450/16(C) - Fuel Oil Cleaning System

    Fuel, oil cleaning unit UVR-450/16 (C - containerized configuration) is designed to purify, lighten, regenerate and completely remove aromatics from kerosene, dark diesel oil and stove fuel etc., rated capacity is 700 LPH. The unit can be operated by any facility, does not require special placement, is easily transportable

    By GlobeCore GmbH - Biodiesel Division based in Oldenburg-Eversten, GERMANY.

  • Model SGA-V - 218 Uk Gal Vertical Tank for Gas Oil

    Vertical tank for gas-oil 218 UK gal w/collecting basin and pump to siphon off.

    By Iris-Mec Srl based in Poviglio (Re), ITALY. from Storage - Fuels Tanks Product line

  • Fuel Oil Treatments

    Customers using gas keep oil in storage for extended periods. Oil that is not properly preserved will degrade and may be in poor condition when it is needed the most. Clogged oil strainers, fouled burners, and corroding storage tanks are just some of the problems due to improper oil storage. To protect the economic investment of distillate fuel ...

    By International Chemstar Incorporated based in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Bryan - Model DR Series - Forced Draft Boilers

    Bryan Steam offers forced draft boilers dual fuel boilers and oil hot water and steam boilers. High efficiency boilers of the forced draft series are available as well, offering guaranteed performance to 85% without complications of condensation.

  • MAN - Model TGX D38 - Truck for Heavy-Duty Long-Haul Transport

    The new MAN TGX D38 has a tailored powertrain with numerous efficiency functions and is designed for demanding transport tasks. Its core element is the new D38 six-cylinder inline engine with a displacement of 15.2 litres. This power unit stands for superb power delivery and extends the TGX model range by the HP classes 540, 580 and 640. Thanks to ...

    By MAN Truck & Bus AG based in Munich, GERMANY. from Truck Product line

  • Heavy Fuel Oil

    We offer our customers high-class heavy fuel oil products. Our development and manufacturing of petroleum products is driven by customer needs.Heavy fuel oil is a source of energy for industry and heating plants. It is also used as a bunker fuel on ships.

    By Neste based in FINLAND. from Heavy Fuel Oil Product line

  • Model EL 375B - Waste Oil Boiler

    Experience the EL 375B Boiler that ensures easy access and maintenance. With the flame retention head, this patented design creates a hotter flame for complete fuel combustion and highest heat output. Less ash is produced resulting in longer maintenance intervals than competing brands. Its aqusmart technology has the built-in memory and system ...

    By EnergyLogic, LLC based in Antioch, TENNESSEE (USA). from Waste Oil Boiler Product line

  • PentoMuls - Stable Water-in-Oil Emulsion Plant to Burn low quality Heavy Fuel Oils

    Optimise Combustion Efficiency / Burn low quality heavy fuel oilsDue to increased usage of low-quality fuel oil with high sulphur, asphaltene and vanadium content, power stations all over the world face both environmental and technical problems. The incomplete combustion of the fuel oil as well as the vanadium and sulphur content cause deposits ...

    By Pentol-Enviro AG based in Basel, SWITZERLAND. from Fuel Oil Fired Power Plants Product line

  • Model OPTI - Oil and Gas Boilers

    Type: High pressure steam boiler, 3-pass, CE marked. Fuel: Oil/gas. Steam rating: 1.000 – 34.000 kg/h. Heat capacity: 650 – 22.000 kW. Pressure: 8 – 20 bar-g, max 36 bar-g.  3-pass wet-back boiler . Low heating surface load. Super-insulated.

    By Danstoker A/S based in Herning, DENMARK. from Oil and Gas Boilers Product line

  • Model TDL - Oil and Gas Boilers

    Type: Low pressure steam boiler, 3-pass, CE marked. Fuel: Oil/gas. Steam rating: 630 – 4.000 kg/h. Heat capacity: 420 – 2.600 kW. Pressure: 0,7 – 1 bar-g.

    By Danstoker A/S based in Herning, DENMARK. from Oil and Gas Boilers Product line

  • Model НПС Type - Oil Fuel Pumps

    Oil fuel pumps НПС type can be assigned for transferring and piping oil, oil products, dry hydrocarbon gases and other liquids, which have similar physicochemical features and the same corrosive impact to the pump component material; temperature from minus 80°C to plus 400°C. The allowed level of nonabrasive solid ...

    By Kharkovmash based in Kharkov, UKRAINE. from Pumps for Oil and Petroleum Products Product line

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