Fuel Transfer

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Experts in combustion control - Expert Paper

    Fired heaters are integral to hydrocarbon processing (HP). Specifically designed for the reaction of fuel and air to produce extremely high gas temperatures, heaters transfer this energy to potentially highly flammable process fluids via heat exchangers. They consume large quantities of fuel, produce large quantities of emissions and are a potential safety hazard to personnel and plant. However, ...

  • Taking matters into hand - Case Study

    Biofuels must be up to scratch as contaminated or improperly blended fuel can damage a  company’s bottom line. To ensure product quality several options exist including laboratory ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Bunded Cylindrical Steel Diesel Storage and Dispensing Tank

    Bunded Cylindrical Steel Diesel Storage and Dispensing Tank

    DieselPRO Steel Bunded Cylindrical Storage tanks have been designed and engineered to meet the need for large capacity fuel storage requirements. Available in capacities from 5,000 - 62,000 litres, this range offers innovative features such as the Kingspan Sensor Tank Monitoring System and comes with a 15 year guarantee* - DieselPRO is an excellent choice for any business giving total confidence ...