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  • Total Solutions Provider

    Total Solutions Provider

    Industries: agriculture, WTTP, Dairy, (food & Beverage) Industry, Waste, Oil & GasSummary: Biogas upgrading projects are typically projects that involve multiple parties, partners and suppliers and an equal number of contracts. At DMT we thought we could do that differently. What is we can unburden the customer, make the process more efficient and save the c


  • Seabreeze Farm upgrade to DMT

    Seabreeze Farm upgrade to DMT

    DMT, a leading technology supplier in biogas upgrading and gas desulfurization, announces Seabreeze Farm, a third-generation dairy farm owned by the Keulen family, will update their Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) equipment using DMT’s patented ...

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  • Biogas Dry Desulfurization Process

    Biogas Dry Desulfurization Process

    Iron based desulfurization media has low cost and high desulfurization capacity as its main advantage, however the chemical reaction occurring during the capture of hydrogen sulfide tends to agglomerate the media pellets in larger chunks which render the spent media removal a time consuming chore. For this reason the tendency for landfill gas and biogas desulfurization has been to use activated ...