Gas Turbine Exhaust

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  • Exergy accounting

    The exergy concept is introduced by utilizing a general framework on which are based the model equations. An exergy analysis is performed on a case study: a control volume for a power module is created by comprising gas turbine, reduction gearbox, AC generator, exhaustion ducts and heat regenerator. The implementation of the equations is carried out by collecting test data of the equipment data ...


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  • Gas Turbine Exhaust Thermocouples

    Gas Turbine Exhaust Thermocouples

    Reduced tip measuring Junctions for fast speed of response. Rugged MgO insulated sheaths are fully annealed & can withstand the harsh conditions found in gas turbines. All stainless sheaths & fittings. TTEC’s Gas Turbine Exhaust Thermocouples provide long life in hostile environments & greatly reduce costs associated with downtime due to sensor failure.. These sensors provide ...