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  • Overview Of A Continuous Pyrolysis Plant

    A pyrolysis plant is actually a relatively simple apparatus. It relies on a pyrolysis reactor to convert different materials into charcoal and also other combustible materials. For example, it is possible to take rubber and plastic, and when the process is ove

  • How To Purchase A Pyrolysis Plant

    Old tires are a big problem and they also fill up the landfills and cause many problems. The tires could be a significant problem and they also play a role in environmental pollution. One method to ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Pyrolysis / Gasification Technology

    Pyrolysis / Gasification Technology

    WK-TWT has built a 60.000 tons/year chemical waste gasification plant, now in operation for more than 15 years (which is rather unique on the planet) and knows – out of practice- the advantages and disadvantages of such a process. On specific application pyrolysis has major advantages over conventional incineration; making it a practical advisable solution. 60.000 tons/year ...