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  • Polygen Project

    Polygen Project

    The Polygen project is a waste gasification project located in Łaziska Górne, Poland. The Polygen project is a plant for the generation of synthetic natural gas (“SNG”), electricity and heat from alternative fuels such as waste sludge, municipal solid waste (“MSW”) and biomass, which will contribute to the circular economy of the plant’s neighboring ...

  • Shipping sector braces for emissions storm

    Shipping sector braces for emissions storm

    Is the fuel oil market ready for tighter carbon and sulphur emissions rules on shipping? Tighter emissions regulations are set to cause a revolution in the shipping fuel market over the next few ...


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  • Coal Biotechnology Solution

    Coal Biotechnology Solution

    Balancing the Earth with Pre-Combustion Carbon Sequestration. In 1995 Vice President Al Gore wrote a book entitled “Earth in the Balance”, highlighting the adverse global changes which have occurred since the industrial revolution and their impact on our very existence.  He pointed out the adverse consequences of the emissions of greenhouse gases, the continued loss of top soil, ...