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Synthetic Fuel equipment for Fossil Energy

  • BWB - Model SYN - Fuels Flame Photometer

    This powerful and growing global industry now has the attending facilities for Synthetic Fuels or Bio-Fuels production. For this derivative product BWB Technologies offers a hybridized Flame Photometer we have named Syn Fuels. The BWB SYN FUELS Flame Photometer is the first and only 4 channel flame photometer with simultaneous detection and ...

    By BWB Technologies based in Newbury, UNITED KINGDOM. from Flame Photometer Range Product line

  • EnerSol PEGS Gasification Systems

    PEGS Gasification Systems. Plasma Enhanced Gasification Systems (PEGS) from EnerSol provide the flexibility to convert a wide variety of feedstocks into valuable and beneficial products. At the core of the PEGS technology is the plasma-enhanced gasifier. EnerSol's innovations in this technology involve targeted application of judicious amounts of ...

    By EnerSol Technologies, Inc based in Springfield, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • Aries - Fluidized Bed Gasification System

    Fluidized bed gasification is a process that converts carbon-containing waste material into a synthetic fuel gas, along with a very small amount of inert char. Waste feedstock is fed into the gasifier and a controlled amount of oxygen is introduced. Once necessary temperatures are achieved and maintained, a thermo-chemical process converts the ...

    By Aries Clean Energy LLC based in Franklin, TENNESSEE (USA).

  • Synthetic Fuels

    Combining plentiful domestic feedstocks with Accelergy’s synthetic fuel process offers a fuel that reduces dependence on imported oil and, in many cases, meets or exceeds the requirements for low carbon fuels.

    By Accelergy Corporation based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Gas Turbines

    A gas turbine is a combustion engine that can convert natural gas or other liquid fuels to mechanical energy. This energy then drives a generator that produces electrical energy. It is the production of hot gas during fuel combustion, not the fuel itself that the gives gas turbines the name. Gas turbines can utilize a variety of fuels, including ...

    By Tuba Turbine GmbH based in Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY.

  • CARBUPOMP - Model 10NL - Long Length Rubber Hose

    Long length rubber hose engineered to carry mineral oils, diesel and unleaded fuel. Temperature range:-2Q°C +80°C Compatible with fluids-according to EN 590:2010.

    By Hoses Technology S.P.A. based in Bellusco (MB), ITALY. from Industrial Hoses- Oil and Fuel Hoses Product line

  • Bio-SNG

    The advanced development of synthetic biofuels is a cornerstone for second generation biofuels, demonstrating one of the most important focuses for technological development worldwide. Moreover, the demand for synthetic biofuels is steadily increasing in the industry. BE2020 faces the challenge of highly profound R&D activities and technology ...

    By BIOENERGY 2020 GmbH based in Graz, AUSTRIA. from Biofuels Product line

  • Alternative Fuels & Energy Products

    Vadxx is a green energy company whose continuous-flow processing technology converts plastic waste to a range of energy products and synthetic oil. Recovering this valuable energy reduces waste sent to landfills, incinerators and water eco-systems.

    By Vadxx based in Cleveland, OHIO (USA).

  • Aries - Downdraft Biomass Gasification System

    Our patented designs allow us to build the world’s largest downdraft gasifier. These major size and throughput increases let our customers capture much better economies of scale, and drastically improve the financial returns over what the technology historically offered.

    By Aries Clean Energy LLC based in Franklin, TENNESSEE (USA).

  • Gas to Liquids (GTL) Plants

    With the increasing interest in reclaiming stranded natural gas around the world, gas to liquids (GTL) technology is evolving as an economic means to add value to gas that otherwise has limited worth and utility. GTL solves stranded gas problems by converting the gaseous material to synthetic hydrocarbon liquids that can be transported and sold ...

    By Sep-Pro Systems, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Model MicGAS™ - Coal Biotechnology Solution

    Balancing the Earth with Pre-Combustion Carbon Sequestration. In 1995 Vice President Al Gore wrote a book entitled “Earth in the Balance”, highlighting the adverse global changes which have occurred since the industrial revolution and their impact on our very existence.  He pointed out the adverse consequences of the emissions of ...

    By ARCTECH, Inc. based in Chantilly, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • OptiGas - Air / Steam Blown Gasifier With Gas Turbine

    Only gasification allows to convert solid biomass to reach high efficiency in combined heat and power generation in the decentralized sector. Due to this Seenova has developed an fluidized bed gasifier which was optimized and tested and ready for market entry.

    By SteEnova GmbH based in Freising, GERMANY.

  • Liquid Fuel Check Valve

    The JASC Liquid Fuel Check Valve improves fuel system reliability on dual fuel turbine engines. JASC’s high-flow, zero-leak Liquid Fuel Check Valve is designed to operate with fluids including Stoddard solvent, jet fuels, hydraulic oil, synthetic oil and air.

  • Syngas Cogeneration / Combined Heat & Power

    Syngas, also known as synthesis gas, synthetic gas or producer gas, can be produced from a variety of different materials that contain carbon. These can include biomass (wood gas), plastics, coal, municipal waste or similar materials. Historically town gas was used to provide a gas supply to many residences in Europe and other industrialised ...

    By Clarke Energy based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM. from Special Gases Product line

  • Themis - Gasification & Syngas Technology

    The fuel moves through progressive stages of drying pyrolysis, gasification and reduction to ash. Combustion air (20 ñ 30% of stoichiometric), steam and/or oxygen is introduced through the inner and outer cone into the base of the fuel pile. Partial oxidation, pyrolysis and gasification occur at 1500 ñ 1800 deg F815 ñ 980 deg ...

    By Themis Power Corporation Ltd. based in Strathroy, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Gasification & Syngas Technology Product line

  • Process Heat Exchangers

    TEi has incorporated the knowledge and experience from recent acquisitions of EFCO, which included previous Westinghouse and Marley feedwater heater products, to provide our customers with a wide array of quality process heat exchangers. We supply high and low pressure feedwater heaters, oil coolers, component coolers and service water coolers to ...

    By Thermal Engineering International (USA) Inc. (TEi) based in Santa Fe Springs, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • BioMax - Model 100 Gen2 - Modular Bioenergy System

    Community Power Corporation (CPC) has developed a number of modular BioMax® system technologies and products that convert a variety of biomass feedstocks into power, heat and/or cooling. CPC’s automated, modular biopower products include the core BioMax® Gas Production Module that converts a wide variety of woody biomass into ...

    By Community Power Corporation (CPC) based in Englewood, COLORADO (USA).

  • LNG Systems

    LNG is not CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). CNG is natural gas formed by compressing natural gas to less than 1% of its volume at standard atmospheric pressure. CNG is odourless, colourless and tasteless. Due to its low density, it is compressed by a pressure of 200-250 kg/sq. cm to enhance the vehicle on-board storage capacity. Thus, this compressed ...

    By Karbonsan Pressure Vessels and Trading Co. based in Kadıkoy, TURKEY. from LNG Systems Product line

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