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  • Synthetic Filter Media
    Showcase Product

    Synthetic Filter Media

    By Ahlstrom-Munksjö

    Ahlstrom Trinitex® GT technology offers filter media with excellent mechanical filtration efficiency and low pressure drop thanks to its unique 3-layer structure. Each layer can be customized to deliver ...

  • Refrigerant Gas Dryer
    Showcase Product

    Refrigerant Gas Dryer

    By Bilgeri EnvironTec GmbH

    Biogas, sewage gas and landfill gas always contains water vapor in the saturated state. The water vapor in the combustion leads to significant corrosion damage to gas engines and turbines. Interference Caused by  ...

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  • Pushing Plant’s Power

    GE’s Power Services and Songas Ltd. have signed a multiyear service agreement (MYA) to ...

  • Bigger Gas Option From Siemens

    Siemens has launched a new gas engine with a power output of two MW for power generation ...

  • Power For The Paper

    Italian paper manufacturer Lucart Group has ordered two of GE’s new NovaLT12 gas turbines for ...

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  • Gas Turbine World (GTW) Magazine

    Gas Turbine World (GTW) Magazine

    Gas Turbine World is the one industry publication that’s GT-focused, globally-aware and dedicated to covering emerging GT technology and issu

  • Credible Energy Policy

    Credible Energy Policy sets out why current energy policy is no longer fit for purpose, and provides a comprehensive overview of what is now required ...