Closed Loop Geothermal

Articles & Whitepapers

  • A Cleaner Energy Future

    A Cleaner Energy Future

    As renewable energy plays an increasingly important role in the world’s energy portfolio, the standards of ASTM International Committee E44 are helping to pave the way for innovation in clean energy sources.A growing population and improving living standards around the world are causing significant increases in energy demand and competition for fossil fuels. These escalating energy


  • Unique Ways to Generate Renewable Energy in the Future

    The energy sector is undergoing a revolutionary change because of the desire to go green and create an environment-friendly world. Based on the data released by IRENA, it is clear that the global renewable power generation capacity is expanding ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Geothermal Pipe Systems

    Geothermal Pipe Systems

    GEOPERFORMX V2 helps reduce the installation and operating costs of geothermal systems. Charged with highly conductive mineral nanoparticles, GEOPERFORMX V2 is the first pipe in the world specifically designed to enhance the efficiency and performance of geothermal systems in vertical closed-loop applications.  More conductive than conventional polyethylene pipes, GEOPERFORMX® V2 ...