Geothermal Cooling Water

Articles & Whitepapers

  • The effect of ambient temperature fluctuation on the performance of geothermal power plants

    Seasonal and diurnal temperature fluctuations have significant effects on cooling water temperature and on the condenser temperature. The power produced by plants that utilise a low temperature resources, such as geothermal units, are more susceptible to ambient temperature fluctuations than conventional power plants. An exergy analysis was performed to evaluate the effect of ambient temperature ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • 12” Water-to-Air Coil Module

    12” Water-to-Air Coil Module

    The 12” Water to Air Coil Module is designed for use as a heating or cooling, fluid to air heat exchanger that can be placed before or after the RecoupAerator in the incoming fresh air stream. When installed before the RecoupAerator, the module acts as a pre heater or cooler, and dehumidifier before the air enters the RecoupAerator. When installed after the RecoupAerator, the module can be ...