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  • Case Study - Aluto Langano Power Plant Rehabilitation

    Aluto Langano, Ethiopia – 2007 The Aluto Langano Geothermal Pilot Plant (ALGPP) is located on the Aluto volcanic complex of the Ethiopian Rift valley, close to the eastern escarpment between Lake Langano and Lake Ziway, some 200 km southeast of Addis Ababa. The Aluto volcanic complex is a young acidic system consisting of domes, lava, and pyroclastic interbeds. The geothermal field was ...

  • Geothermal plant protects pumps - case study

    This large geothermal company needed reliable equipment in the deserts of southeastern California. Geothermal plants turn water into to steam to drive turbines. Protecting the pumps is paramount. ...


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  • Geothermal Rig

    Geothermal Rig

    DRILLMAX rig can be equipped with the following geothermal options: Hydraulic grouter with 35 gallon mixing tub mounted below deck. Loop reel holder mounted on helpers side. Dual motor hydraulic spinner system. 3 spool helpers side controls for winch and jib functions. 2,000 lb sandline winch with 1/4` cable.