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  • Optimize Geothermal Borehole Energy
    Showcase Product

    Optimize Geothermal Borehole Energy

    By Geo-Air Industries inc.

    Designed to optimize borehole energy performance, EZ-Snaps simplifies and accelerates installation compared to the other spacer models. Its main advantage lies in its capacity to receive the tremie pipe at ...

  • High-Density Polyethylen Geothermal Pipe
    Showcase Product

    High-Density Polyethylen Geothermal Pipe

    By Versaprofiles

    Long-term reliability. Geothermal pipe certified to NSF 358, CSA C448, CSA B137.1 and ASTM D3035, manufactured with PE4710 high-density polyethylene. Due to its flexibility and increased long-term crack resistance, this ...

  • Geothermal Drilling Tools
    Showcase Product

    Geothermal Drilling Tools

    By STDS-Jantz GmbH

    Using our geothermal drilling tools and rotary heads enable customers to react swiftly at all times to ever-changing requirements, and at minimum cost. The advantages offered include:

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  • GeoSmart Energy

    GeoSmart Energy

    GeoSmart Energy was established in 2005 by co-founders Chad Brezynskie and the Marco family – Cheryl, Stan and Stephen. We have since risen to the ...

  • B & D Mfg., Inc.

    B & D Mfg., Inc.

    B & D Mfg., Inc. supplies distributors with Flow Centers manufactured in-house along with Manifolds and other Specialty Parts. We also offer P.E. ...

  • Geo-Air Industries inc.

    Geo-Air Industries inc.

    For over 7 years GEO-AIR INDUSTRIES Inc. has been a highly recognised company dedicated in offering Canadian product distribution and services in the ...

  • WaterFurnace International, Inc.

    WaterFurnace manufactures and sells more geothermal systems for homes than anyone else in the business. WaterFurnace International, Inc. has been ...

  • GEO Exchange Corp

    GEO Exchange Corp

    GEO Exchange Corp. was incorporated in 1986 for the development of commercial buildings, and real estate. The founder`s background was with Bechtel, ...