Geothermal Piping

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  • Geothermal Iron Pipe
    Showcase Product

    Geothermal Iron Pipe

    By Charter Plastics

    Charter PE 4710 Black Geothermal pipe is made from rugged PE 4710 resin. It provides outstanding physical performance and is listed with NSF International as complying with NSF 358. The recommended way to join ...

  • 12” Water-to-Air Coil Module
    Showcase Product

    12” Water-to-Air Coil Module

    By UltimateAir, Inc.

    The 12” Water to Air Coil Module is designed for use as a heating or cooling, fluid to air heat exchanger that can be placed before or after the RecoupAerator in the incoming fresh air stream. When installed ...

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  • Terra Calidus GmbH

    Terra Calidus GmbH

    We are a manufacturer and a turn-key supplier of geothermal system components. Our product range includes: Grouting material for geothermal probes – ...

  • Versaprofiles


    Versaprofiles has excellent engineering capability, both in the design of specialized pipes and engineered profiles. We manufacture more than 1000 ...