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  • Case Study - 6MW Non-Condensing Power Plant

    Case Study - 6MW Non-Condensing Power Plant

    Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea – 2003 First Geothermal Power Station in PNG: Press Release, April 16, 2003Lihir Gold Limited “Gold company Lihir Gold Limited is turning its vast geothermal resource into an opportunity. In April, the company started commissioning a 6MW geothermal power station, the first in Papua New Guinea to use natural geothermal energy


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  • Combined Cycle Units (GCCU)

    Combined Cycle Units (GCCU)

    Ormat Geothermal Combined Cycle Units (GCCU) are designed to generate power from high-pressure geothermal steam resources. When there are non-condensable gases present in the geothermal steam, our GCCU technology provides higher efficiency, lower maintenance costs and higher electrical output in comparison to conventional condensing steam power plants. Ormat offers GCCU modules in a wide range of ...