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  • Heat as a by–product or sub–product of CO2 storage in mafic and ultramafic rocks

    Since carbonates are at a lower energy state than free CO2, storage through carbonation of silicate rocks is thermodynamically favoured and proceeds spontaneously by releasing heat. In an in–situ CO2 injection site, the heat released in these exothermic reactions can be exploited in a geothermal power–plant, effectively contributing towar


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  • Air-Cooled Chiller Systems

    Air-Cooled Chiller Systems

    Canariis Corporation offers a wide variety of packaged Air-Cooled Chiller Systems.  Our designers have years of experience and are ready to assist in designing a system to meet your requirements. The benefits of a package over a field assembled system include: increased system efficiency, single source responsibility, third party certification, factory testing and lower installed cost.