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  • Projects Newberry Geothermal Energy (NEWGEN), Oregon - Case Study

    Newberry Geothermal Energy (NEWGEN) is a collaborative effort lead by a team of researchers from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Oregon State University, and AltaRock Energy. The NEWGEN team includes experts in EGS research and development, commercial power generation, engineering and the hard sciences which will lead the project forward while maintaining educational outreach in both the ...


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  • Environmental Sealing and Thermal

    Environmental Sealing and Thermal

    DantoCon Thermal C2H is used for environmental sealing and thermal optimisation of geothermal energy wells. The product is delivered as a ready to mix dry powder and needs only to be mixed with freshwater before use. Mixed with water, DantoCon Thermal C2H yields a sealing mixture, which combines high thermal conductivity with the ability to withstand environmental inflictions over time.