Low temperature geothermal

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  • Case study - ElectraTherm generates power from low temperature geothermal

    Site: Florida Canyon, Nevada, USA Gross Power Output: up to 75kWe Hot Water Input Range: 225-230F Hot Water Flow: 150 GPM Thermal Heat Input: 660kWt Air Cooled Condenser ElectraTherm successfully commissioned its Green Machine at the Florida Canyon Mine in Imlay, Nevada. ElectraTherm marked the occasion at Florida Canyon Mine with a commissioning ceremony including officials fro


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  • 750 KW Bioenergy Turbine Power Plant

    750 KW Bioenergy Turbine Power Plant

    750 KW Bioenergy Turbine Power Plant - Zero Fuel Input Cost750 KW Pure Cycle ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) Plant - Zero Fuel Input Cost. Complete plant, hot fluid, Low temp resource (91º C -149º C)* 3 x Pure Cycle 280 ORC Turbine Generators Module Scalable Design,50 HZ, Only 200 hours of operation. Hot water flow of 220 mt/h at 101 C geothermal brine. The plant was tested on low temperature ...