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Geothermal Equipment

  • Isoenergy - Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP)

    The ground source heat pumps isoenergy installs are the most efficient, reliable, correctly sized and scoped to the latest MCS MIS Standard, to provide the highest possible return on investment.Ground source heat pumps take heat from the ground, raise its temperature and use the energy to heat your property. Ground source heat pumps operate on the ...

    By Isoenergy | ISO Energy Ltd. based in Horley, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Atlantis - Geothermal Vault

    The Atlantis Vault is a one of a kind geothermal vault designed for simple installation and trouble-free operation. The Atlantis Vault is a totally self contained, prefabricated vault constructed of high density polyethylene. Basic components include: custom sized supply and return headers, butterfly valves, p/t ports, sump pump, ladder, catwalk, ...

    By Geothermal Supply Company Inc. (GSC) based in Horse Cave,, KENTUCKY (USA).

  • Air & Ground Source Heat Pumps

    Both air and ground source heat pumps evssentially work on similar principles: Both systems expose chemical refridgerant though a coil of copper pipe to either air or ground heat. This energy absorbtion causes the refrigerant to boil. This fluid in then compressed making it hotter. A heat exchanger then transfers that heat to a water median ...

    By Lincs Eco Energy Performance Ltd (LEEP) based in Brigg, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Climeon - Low Temperature Heat Energy

    In comparison to ORC-systems, Climeons Heat Power system reaches a higher efficiency due to its unique low pressure technology and patented condensation solution, among other things. Due to the low pressure, the internal energy consumption can be decreased by 90 percent compared to traditional ORC systems. The result is a simpler solution that ...

    By Climeon AB based in Stockholm, SWEDEN.

  • Geothermal Drilling Tools

    Using our geothermal drilling tools and rotary heads enable customers to react swiftly at all times to ever-changing requirements, and at minimum cost. The advantages offered include:

    By STDS-Jantz GmbH based in Attendorn, GERMANY.

  • Leading Technology

    Strada Energy has the exclusive rights to the two most powerful energy drilling rigs for their size. These rigs have been specifically designed to drill quickly, safely and efficiently into hard ground at low cost. We believe that our technology is a game changer for the geothermal and shale gas industries and that many projects that ...

    By Strada Energy based in Subiaco, AUSTRALIA.

  • ORCHID - Air Cooled Condenser Module

    The ORCHID  range is intended for ORC machines from 300 kWe to 3MWe using innovative working fluids such as HFC, HFO, HFE refrigerants and for temperatures above 90 ° C.

    By Enertime based in Courbevoie, FRANCE.

  • About IG

    The role of the Iceland Geothermal Cluster is to promote Iceland as the land of geothermal energy and geothermal energy production.

    By Iceland Geothermal based in Armuli, ICELAND.

  • Model MV Series - Triple Eccentric Metal Seated Valves

    Metal to metal sealing. Triple eccentric quarter-turn design. Torque seated. Bi-directional tight shutoff. Zero leakage. Non-rubbing seating. Inherently fire safe and fire tested.

    By Orton s.r.l. based in Piacenza, ITALY.

  • Model 9.8KW - Electric Back Up Heater

    Included in each unit is a 9.8kw electric backup unit. If the geothermal is sized properly the electric backup only comes on occasionally as needed for example, when temperatures dip, or wind chills are high. The annual heating cost we project is including the use of electric back up heat as needed. The unit has a 20 minute time delay so that ...

    By Geothermal Systems of Lapeer LLC based in Davison, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • Stab Fittings & Headers

    Geothermal Supply Company stocks Continental Industries Constab™ fittings. Stab fittings are available in ¾” IPS DR11, 1” IPS DR11 and 1 ¼” IPS DR11 sizes and any configuration comparable to a socket fusion fitting. Stab fittings are fully pressure rated to 160psi and provide a connection stronger than the ...

    By Geothermal Supply Company Inc. (GSC) based in Horse Cave,, KENTUCKY (USA).

  • Maarky - Solar Power Plant Heat Exchangers

    The pressing need to lower emissions from fossil power plants has focused worldwide attention on renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind, geothermal and biomass.  Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants have emerged as strong contenders for alternate sources of energy.  Rapid advances in mirror technology have slowly but steadily ...

    By Maarky Thermal Systems based in Cherry Hill, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • M M - Model GRP - Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Enclosures

    Enclosures are maybe the most innovative application for M.M. gratings and profiles. These products are particularly fit for those areas, where electric insulation and corrosion resistance are necessary and compulsory.

    By M.M. s.r.l. based in Udine, ITALY.

  • Adoratec - Model ORC - Biomass Power Plant

    The usage of ORC technology has now virtually become an everyday tool for utilising biomass and geothermal energy. The systems offered on the market have long since proven their suitability for daily use: among other things, the low maintenance requirements have been completely confirmed over many years of operation. ORC technology is also being ...

    By Adoratec GmbH based in Mönkeberg, GERMANY.

  • Tricor - Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

    Special Applications/Features; Mechanical (roller) expanded tube-to-tubesheet joints. Hydro-expanded tube-to-tubesheet joints. Seal-welded tube-to-tube sheet joints. Strength-welded tube-to-tube sheet joints. Thermal oxide coating designs for added erosion & corrosion resistance. Extended surface tubing available. Flush mount tube to tube ...

    By Tricor Metals Inc based in Wooster, OHIO (USA). from Fabricated Products Product line

  • Solar Concentrator for Organic Rankine Cycle Electricity

    The Organic Rankine Cycle is a thermodynamic cycle which converts heat into work. The heat is supplied externally to a closed loop, which usually uses water as working fluid.Simply put, the working fluid (usually water) is pumped into a boiler. While the fluid is in the boiler, an external heat source (Solar Concentrator) superheats the fluid.

    By Solartron Energy Systems Inc based in Halifax, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA).

  • Model Xs T 4,500 / 114.3mm - Casing Systems

    This system is used for deep hole drilling when permanent casing installation and sub drilling are required with thick wall casing. The Xs T design has four (4) recessed portions to transfer impact directly from the driver to the crown, giving the necessary force to drill and drive down casing. The crown has a socket which fits over the casing for ...

    By GeoRocFor Accessories, Inc. based in Sherbrooke, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Casing Systems Product line

  • GEOsniff - Measurement Pig

    For manual or automatic insertion into the geothermal probe and measuring of a high-precision temperature-depth profile as well as the absolute depth of an geothermal probe. Charging the integrated energy store, transferring data and configuration is done with the VALIDATION BOX or with the GEOsniff AUTO BYPASS for continuous operation.

    By enOware GmbH based in Karlsruhe, GERMANY. from GEOsniff - Geothermal Monitoring Product line

  • Climeon - Heat Power System

    By exploiting the temperature difference between hot and cold water (or heat exchange of gas or steam with hot water), the Climeon Heat Power system converts waste heat into clean electricity. The system operates at low pressure levels in comparison to traditional heat power solutions. For example, Organic Rankine Cycles (ORC), which operate at ...

    By Climeon AB based in Stockholm, SWEDEN.

  • Model DC / SL - DL 50 MW - 250 MW - Steam Turbines

    Two cylinders, single LP cylinder. This configuration covers with state of the art performances a broad range of applications: typical are combined cycles, solar and biomass with big flexibility in steam conditions provided by different versions of the same basic standard. Sliding pressure operations with full arch admission is typical although ...

    By Franco Tosi Meccanica SpA based in Legnano, ITALY. from Steam Turbines Product line

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