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Geothermal Equipment

  • Pfister - Geothermal Heat Pumps

    Geothermal heat pumps are among the most efficient and comfortable heating and cooling technologies, but instead of using heat found in outside air, they rely on the stable, even heat of the earth to provide heating, air conditioning and hot water. The heat pump equipment works like a reversible refrigerator by removing heat from one location and ...

    By Pfister Energy based in Hawthorne, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Renewable Energy Solutions Product line

  • Lämpöässä - Model Vsi - Ground Source Heat Pumps

    Vsi ground source heat pump is a compact and silent so it can be placed to a utility room, for example. Vsi units offer the largest storage tank (230 L) in their size class. It is possible to connect ÄssäCooling unit to Lämpöässä Vsi.

    By Suomen Lämpöpumpputekniikka Oy based in LAPUA, FINLAND.

  • Lämpöässä - Model Vmi - Ground Source Heat Pumps

    The full power Lämpöässä Vmi is especially suitable for use as the primary heating system of new and renovated residential buildings and secondary residences, as well as for condominium-specific heating in terraced houses and detached houses. Lämpöässä Vmi is a right choice when heatable area is larger and ...

    By Suomen Lämpöpumpputekniikka Oy based in LAPUA, FINLAND.

  • Sigma - Solar House

    The Sigma solar house provides heating - cooling without fossil sources. A very friendly enviromental solution. Passive Solar Heating is the most cost effective means of providing heat to buildings. In general terms, the amount of solar energy that falls on the roof of a house is more than the total energy consumed within the house.

    By Sigma Energy based in Volos, GREECE. from Other Product line

  • Ground Source Heat Pumps

    Ground Source Heat Pumps take the natural heat which exists in the ground and raises it to a higher temperature which can then be used for heating or hot water within a building. A Ground Source Heat Pump circulates a mixture of water and antifreeze around a coil of pipe which is buried in the ground. Heat from the ground is ...

    By Scenergy Limited based in Louth, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Geothermal Pump

    From the Vertical Turbine family and by using some technical modifications on some of standard VTP pump parts; Layne Bowler has introduced Geo Line Brand, Geothermal Pumps.

    By Layne Bowler Pump Company Inc. based in Yenimahalle, TURKEY.

  • Carbon Dioxide Gas Extinguishing Systems

    Carbon dioxide is a colorless, scentless and non conductive gas that can effect quickly and efficiently into the protected area. Its density is about 50% higher than . the air density.During extinguishing, it is seen as a white mist. It does not make residue on the materials or affect adversely the materials. Reduces the concentration of ...

  • Geothermal Loop

    The heart of a geothermal system is a well implemented heat exchanger (loop system). This is where the heat energy (solar energy naturally stored through the summer months), is harvested and brought inside to heat the home in the winter, and where the undesired summer heat within the home is rejected during the summer supporting the natural ...

    By E-Vanhee based in Rochester, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Flowtech - HDPE Geothermal Pipe

    HDPE piping system for closed-loop earth coupled heat pump applications. These systems are also referred to as geothermal, ground source, geo-exchange or ground loop systems.

    By Ace Flowtech Limited based in Zibo City, CHINA. from HDPE Water Pipeline - HDPE Pipe Product line

  • AKRONEX 227 - Model (FM-200) - Clean Agent Fire Supressions Systems

    Automatic Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems control the danger that can occur due to fire and protect all the equipment in the protected area without any damage. All products are designed and certified according to national and international standards.

  • Gill Rock - Geothermal Drilling Rig

    Gill Rock Drill Company is a full service fabricating, machining, and assembly shop providing custom manufactured drill pipe, adapters, and drilling tools, as well as tool joint rethreading and repairs. We also provide engineering and technical services to custom design drilling tools to your specific needs. Some of of the products we manufacture ...

    By Gill Rock Drill Company Inc. based in Lebanon, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • MegaTila - Heating Unit

    MegaTila is a factory-built building services centre with a steel structure, which contains, for example, the household heating, the main distribution board and ventilation with heat retention. Traditionally, the elements used for building services come from different suppliers, and are either located in a dedicated space or spread around the ...

    By MegaKone Oy based in Hellanmaa, FINLAND. from Building Services Centre Product line

  • Géosolaire 300 L - DHW

    When the heat pump is switched off, the tri-energy water heater (geothermal energy, solar energy and electricity) can heat domestic hot water tank to a connection to solar panel if there is sufficient sunlight. If not enough, the electrical resistance will provide a back up.

    By SOFATH - Natural Heating - THERMATIS Technologies SAS based in Portes Les Valence, FRANCE.

  • Binary - Geothermal Power Plant

    Ormat plant configurations are designed to take maximum advantage of the available geothermal energy resources at each site, and provide various binary plants implementations for:

    By Ormat Technologies, Inc. based in Reno, NEVADA (USA). from Geothermal Power Product line

  • Mudbug - Geothermal Mud Rotary PDC Bits

    At Torquato Drilling Accessories, we are pioneers in geothermal drilling. As the first company to offer PDC bits, we have changed the way geothermal drilling is approached. With a goal to expand product lines and improve the industry, we have developed a variety of products that have given our customers and edge over competition. We have a very ...

    By Torquato Drilling Accessories, Inc. based in Old Forge, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • GEOsniff - Auto TRT Kit

    System to implement an automatic Enhanced Geothermal Response Test (EGRT) with a heating cable inside or outside of an geothermal probe. The measurement is carried out with cyclically inserted GEOsniff TRT MEASUREMENT PIGS into the geothermal probes.

    By enOware GmbH based in Karlsruhe, GERMANY. from GEOsniff - Geothermal Monitoring Product line

  • Armstrong Verabars - Model V150 - Spring Lock – Threaded Component

    This advanced, patented design ensures the sensor remains sealed, locked and preloaded to the opposite wall regardless of changes in pipe diameter due to pressure, temperature or mechanical force. Most cost effective, Quick installation, Threaded components.

    By Armstrong International Inc. based in Stuart,, FLORIDA (USA). from Verabars Product line

  • Barnum Mechanical Inc - Model BMI - Process Utility Systems and Equipment Installations

    BMI is a full service design-build firm known for innovative sanitary process systems and superior designs installations for the food, beverage, specialty process and geothermal industries.

    By Barnum Mechanical Inc based in CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Envision - Model Console Series - Geothermal Heat Pumps

    The Envision Console achieves high efficiencies through its single speed LG rotary compressor, high performance 2-speed PSC fan motor, and large face air coil that provides impressive efficiencies at low face velocities. The Envision Console also features WaterFurnace’s patented FormiShield™ coil coating as an option for superior ...

    By WaterFurnace International, Inc. based in Fort Wayne, INDIANA (USA). from 50 Hz Products Product line

  • Envision - Model Console Series - Water Source/Geothermal Heat Pump

    The Envision Console achieves high efficiencies and durability through its single speed LG rotary compressor, high performance 5-speed ECM fan motor, and all-aluminum air coils. The Envision Console also features an oversized and convoluted coaxial heat exchanger (optional cupronickel) for maximum heat transfer as well as the newest generation of ...

    By WaterFurnace International, Inc. based in Fort Wayne, INDIANA (USA). from 60 Hz Products Product line

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