Hydro Energy

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Dongjin Large Series Battery

    Dongjin Large Series Battery

    Dongjin 2V series are valve-regulated, non-spillable types constructed with an absorbent glass mat (AGM ) with pasted flat lead-calcium alloy plates. They are designed to provide long, reliable service life without maintenance. The very large batteries are all of 2V voltage and the capacity is from 50AH to 3000AH.

  • Boom Lift Trucks

    Boom lift truck is widely used in highways, boatyards shopping walls, stadiums, dock, station, marketplaces, gymnasiums and residential property, workshop, residential property, mining workshops and ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Hydraulic Power Supply and Controller

    Hydraulic Power Supply and Controller

    Ten Gallon Reservoir Eliminates the Need for Heat Exchanger, Pressure, Filter, and Level / Temperature Switches, Meets JIC Standards, 3.7 GPM, 100 to 300 PSI.

Upcoming Events

  • HYDRO - 2019

    HYDRO - 2019

    The HYDRO 2019 Technical Exhibition will showcase more than 180 companies active in the fields of hydropower and dam engineering. All refreshment breaks will take place in the exhibition area, and a Networking Evening will take place on Tuesday 15 October, with late opening of the Exhibition to give all attendees an additional chance to visit companies and forge new business links in an informal ...