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  • Kaplan Turbines
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    Kaplan Turbines


    Based on the Francis Turbine the Kaplan Turbine was developed by the Austrian engineer Victor Kaplan towards the beginning of the 20th century. Due to its adjustable runner blades this turbine system is most adaptive. ...

  • Hydropower Screw Turbines
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    Hydropower Screw Turbines

    By Landustrie Sneek BV

    The new range of the Landustrie screw pump covers the hydropower screw turbines. An efficient use of water power is already achieved at a level difference of 1 meter and a capacity of 500 l/sec. The largest capacity and ...

  • Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)
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    Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)

    By Rotork plc

    Hydraulic power units (HPU) complement our extensive offering of rotary and linear actuators. We have over three decades of experience in their manufacture with units in service in a variety of plants and pipelines in ...

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  • SIMAHPP - Hydropower projects feasibility simulator

    SIMAHPP is a windows based software designed to simulate and assess the feasibility of hydropower projects, particularly for small-scale hydro ...

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    Waves in the Ocean and Atmosphere

    Waves in the Ocean and Atmosphere presents a study of the fundamental theory of waves appropriate for first year graduate students in oceanography, ...

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    Hydropower Economics

    The focus of HYDROPOWER ECONOMICS is to provide qualitative economic analyses of how to utilize stored water in a hydropower system with fixed ...

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    Report 4150: Wave & Tidal

    Report 4150: Wave & Tidal focuses on a new class of devices that generate power from ocean waves and tides and from the in-stream flow of rivers. ...

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    An Assessment of Cavet Technologies` LumiSmart

    Tiny Toronto lighting vendor Cavet Technologies thinks it's got a game changer. The company has introduced a lighting controller it claims can lower ...

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    Ossberger supplies water-to-wire equipment packages for hydro projects for the complete head range. With a broad experience dating back 100 years, ...

  • Nepton WWS Private Limited

    Supplier of Hydro Electro Mechanical, Hydro Mechanical, Designing, Develop Hydro power projects, Refabricating, Revitalizing of obsolete and old ...

  • Ottawa Engineering Limited

    Ottawa Engineering Limited

    Ottawa Engineering Limited is a Canadian firm established to provide a complete range of consulting engineering services for the assessment, ...

  • CorPower Ocean AB

    CorPower Ocean AB

    CorPower Ocean AB has developed a compact high-efficiency Wave Energy Converter, inspired by the pumping principles of the human heart. Using a new ...

  • Marine Power Systems Ltd

    Marine Power Systems Ltd

    Marine Power Systems Ltd. was founded specifically to develop the WaveSub wave energy converter – a second generation device with many advantages ...