Archimedean Screw Turbine

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  • Archimedean Screw Hydro Turbines
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    Archimedean Screw Hydro Turbines

    By GESS-CZ, s.r.o.

    The system is based on the Archimedian screw principle and is used as a water engine for small water power plants working with asynchronic generator ditrectly into a network. It is used for small water heads and ...

  • Archimedean Screw Generators
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    Archimedean Screw Generators

    By New England Hydropower Company, Inc.

    They move slowly. It isn’t about speed, but mass and balance. The balance is between efficiency, fish and environmental protection. Screw generators extract the potential energy from large blocks of slowly ...

  • Hydrodynamic Screws
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    Hydrodynamic Screws

    By RONCUZZI S.r.l.

    PAE-type Hydrodynamic Screws by RONCUZZI are systems designed for the production of electric energy. Inspired by the Archimedes screw, which traditionally has been used for lifting water, the Hydrodynamic Screw reverses ...

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  • Hidroturbin


    Hidroturbin was founded in METU-KOSGEB TEKMER by Middle East Technical University graduated engineers whom gained years of experience in the private ...

  • Greenbug Energy Inc.

    Greenbug Energy Inc.

    GreenBug Energy designs, manufactures, installs, operates and maintains Archimedes screw generators for low head micro hydro sites and related ...

  • New England Hydropower Company, Inc.

    New England Hydropower Company, Inc.

    The New England Hydropower Company, LLC (NEHC) develops, operates, owns and manages small-scale regional and local hydroelectric facilities. We ...

  • MannPower Consulting Ltd

    MannPower Consulting Ltd

    Established in 2004 by Dave Mann. With a background in seismic and electronic engineering, Dave pursued a successful 15-year career in technical ...

  • 3Helix Power

    3Helix Power

    3Helix Power is focused on Archimedes screw technology, providing solutions for sites with head ranging from 1-10 meters with flows in the range of ...