Archimedean Screw Turbine

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Windsor Castle (UK) - Case Study

    Early September 2011 two 40-ton Archimedes hydropower screw turbines were transported from Sneek, The Netherlands to the royal Windsor Castle, UK. Both screws are installed at Romney weir on the River Thames and power both the Royal Castle as well as 400 - 500 local households. The Landy screws dimension 4 meter diameter, 6 meter long and capacity 150 kW. Unique feature of each scr

  • Linton Lock (UK) - Case Study

    At Linton Lock on the River Ouse between York and Harrogate (North Yorkshire) a LANDY hydropower screw is used to generate sustainable energy, in a fish-friendly way. The screw dimensions 3 meter ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Hydrodynamic Screw Turbines

    Hydrodynamic Screw Turbines

    Hydroalp provides hydrodynamic screws for low head plants from a few meters to tens of meters and with flow rates from a few cubic meters up to a few tens of cubic meters per second. Screws (or Archimedean screws) are the ideal solution for all those power plants, where the use of Kaplan models would be uneconomic due to the combination of low power and low output. Depending on the flow rate ...