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  • Ultra Low Head Turbine
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    Ultra Low Head Turbine

    By Nautilus LLC

    The regulated CMC Ultra Low Head turbine (CMC-ULH) operates in a similar power range as the 660-ULH in an open flume and produces up to 1500 watts. The CMC offers better part gate regulation and efficiency than the ...

  • Runners
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    By Wagstaff Applied Technologies - a division of Wagstaff, Inc.

    Wagstaff Applied Technologies provides reconditioning services for Francis, Kaplan, Pelton, and other turbine runners.  Wagstaff AT performs welding operations per AWS or ASME codes, using an established suite of ...

  • Francis Turbines
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    Francis Turbines

    By Kössler GmbH & Co KG

    Our range of Francis turbines includes open flume type turbines for low head, and spiral case turbines in horizontal or vertical designs for medium to high head. The Francis runner is often fitted directly to the ...

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  • WWS Wasserkraft GmbH & Co KG

    WWS Wasserkraft GmbH & Co KG

    Today many customers ask for whole solutions which transcend of delivery and assembly of turbines. Based on our many years` experience in the ...