Francis Hydro Turbines

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  • Francis Hydro Turbines
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    Francis Hydro Turbines

    By Kössler GmbH & Co KG

    Our range of Francis turbines includes open flume type turbines for low head, and spiral case turbines in horizontal or vertical designs for medium to high head. The Francis runner is often fitted directly to the ...

  • Energy Francis Turbines
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    Energy Francis Turbines

    By Global Hydro Energy GmbH

    They prove to be good for average water heads and are regarded as the turbines that can do everything.

  • Francis Hydro Turbines
    Showcase Product

    Francis Hydro Turbines

    By VAPTECH Ltd

    Either standardized units for small hydro or tailor-made solutions, VAPTECH is delivering high-quality Francis turbines. VAPTECH’s care for maximum efficiency and resistance to cavitation is guaranteed by flow ...

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Companies & Suppliers

  • HydroWorks Ltd.

    HydroWorks Ltd.

    Hydroworks has been involved in the design of water turbines and pumps. The proprietor, Rik Hothersall, has designed turbomachinery for over 25 years ...

  • Shenyang Getai Hydropower Equipment Co.,Ltd.

    SHENYANG GETAI HYDROPOWER EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. is located in Shenyang City, the old Northeastern industrial base of China. GETAI is a ...

  • Mavel a.s.

    Mavel a.s.

    Mavel designs and manufactures turbines at one of its two Czech Republic state-of-the art production facilities. The company`s management, ...

  • INSET Ltd.

    INSET Ltd.

    INSET Ltd leads in specializes in designing and manufacturing units for small hydro power plants rated up to 5000 kW and micro hydro power plants ...

  • Hydropak International

    Hydropak International

    Imported Micro Mini Hydro Power Equipment, Solar Electrification, Solar Based Drinking Water Supply Schemes, Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical , ...