Francis Hydro Turbines

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Additional Power Production, Little River Hydro - Case Study

    Additional Power Production, Little River Hydro - Case Study

    Little River Hydroelectric project utilizes water conveyed by the Little R. in Troy, North Carolina . The Project would add additional power production to the preexisting HPP. We developed the Project concept through existing site information including flow data, topography, site visits, discussions with Hydrodyne Industries, and information from equipment vendors. The site currently produces ...

  • Gilman dam hydro - Case study

    Gilman dam hydro - Case study

    The Gilman Hydro Project is located partly in the Village of Gilman, in Essex County, Vermont and partly in the town of Dalton, New Hampshire. In effect, the boundary between the two states passes ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Pumps-as-Turbine Hydro Systems (PaT)

    Pumps-as-Turbine Hydro Systems (PaT)

    A centrifugal pump, fitted with an impeller of the correct geometry, can operate in reverse rotation mode as a turbine. It works on the same principle as a Francis Turbine. The energy is recovered from the pressure differential (head), whilst the water flow is passed back in to the existing system.