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Francis Hydro Turbines equipment for Hydro Energy

  • Reivax - Model RTVX - Integrated Systems

    The Integrated Voltage and Speed Regulation RTVX Power Systems were developed to integrate the voltage regulation system and speed governor system, optimizing the signals and resources. The RTVX Power performs all supervision, control, and automation functions related to the generating unit, and can be fully customized meet the most demanding ...

    By Reivax North America, Inc. based in Montréal, CANADA. from Integrated System Product line

  • ESPE - Hydraulic Turbines Machine

    The hydraulic turbine is a machine that turns hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, with a conversion yield of approximately 90%. This mechanical energy is then converted into electrical energy by means of an alternator. ESPE turbines are directly engineered by our R&D Department. ESPE manages, checks and supervises the entire production ...

    By ESPE Group based in Grantorto (PD), ITALY. from Hydroelectric Product line

  • Model CMC-ULH - Ultra Low Head Turbine

    The regulated CMC Ultra Low Head turbine (CMC-ULH) operates in a similar power range as the 660-ULH in an open flume and produces up to 1500 watts. The CMC offers better part gate regulation and efficiency than the other cylinder gate Nautilus models.

    By Nautilus LLC based in Greenfield, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Ultra Low Head Turbines Product line

  • Pelton Turbines

    Compact Pelton Turbines - from 10 kW to 7 MW  Head range - from H=20 m to H=1000 m. Compact Pelton turbine for medium and high heads applications. Feel the power with 90 % efficiency

    By Hydro Energy Michal Twardziszewski based in Jelenia Góra, POLAND.

  • HIDROPOWER d.o.o. - Francis Turbines

    • Spiral Francis turbines; head up to 200m• Open-flume Francis turbines; head from 1.5m up to 10m• Horizontal or vertical axis• Runner is fitted to the generator shaft or a 4-bearing turbine-generator arrangement• Runner welded or CNC manufactured from high grade, wear-resistant stainless steel• Complete range of specific speed runner designs for ...

    By HIDROPOWER d.o.o. based in SLOVENIA.

  • Getai - Francis Turbine Runner

    Francis Turbine Runner is consisted of Crown, Band and Vanes which featured by hydraulic profile.

    By Shenyang Getai Hydropower Equipment Co.,Ltd based in Yuhong District, Shenyang, CHINA. from Francis Turbine - Francis Turbine Runner Product line

  • Runners

    Wagstaff Applied Technologies provides reconditioning services for Francis, Kaplan, Pelton, and other turbine runners.  Wagstaff AT performs welding operations per AWS or ASME codes, using an established suite of welding procedures. Runners are typically machined on our CNC horizontal boring machines. Wagstaff AT inspects machined parts ...

    By Wagstaff Applied Technologies - a division of Wagstaff, Inc. based in Spokane Valley, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Double Francis Turbine

    The key Double Francis turbine components includes Runner, Distributor, Main shaft, Main shaft seal, Turbine guide bearing, Governor, among other.

    By Shenyang Getai Hydropower Equipment Co., Ltd based in Shenyang, CHINA. from Francis Turbine Product line

  • Hydro Turbines

    The Hydro Energia own hydroelectric Turbines technology is based on 25 years long experience in design and production of the main type of turbines such as: Kaplan, Francis and Pelton from 100 kW up to 40 MW, each ones with various setting according to the needs of our Costumers. In the last years almost 200 hydro units have been engineered, ...

    By ATB Riva Calzoni SpA based in RONCADELLE (Bs), ITALY. from Small Hydro Product line

  • SOAR - Model TKW - Hydro Turbine

    The TKW Turbine is a modern interpretation of a proven design. Based on a legacy Byron Jackson model, the TKW has been re-thought and re-engineered with using state of the art technology. Incredibly efficient and versatile, the TKW Turbine ensures maximum power recovery in any application. The turbine is installed into a sub-grade barrel so it is ...

    By Soar Hydropower based in Redmond, WASHINGTON (USA). from GPRV Hydro Turbines Product line

  • GE - Medium and Large Hydro Generators

    High reliability and the highest outputs available worldwide. GE's medium and large hydro generators are designed for run-of-river and high head hydropower plants. Our knowledge and experience in Hydropower allows our GE team to match customers with the best technology for their site.

    By GE Renewable Energy based in Paris, FRANCE. from Large Hydro Generators Product line

  • Kaplan Hydro Turbine

    With over 50 years in the industry, HTE Engineering and its partners have provided Kaplan turbines ranging in size from 200 kW to 400 MW.

    By HydroTech Engineering, LLC based in Sandy, UTAH (USA). from Turbines Product line

  • Electway - Model HL Series - Mini-Francis Turbine (1-100kW)

    It is widely used in hydro power stations with the head of 3--50 meters. Francis turbine is one of the most widely used turbines. It has a compact structure, reliable operation and high efficiency, and can be used at different ranges of water flow. Large-sized Francis turbines are commonly used at hydraulic head range of 20-700m. 

    By Guangzhou Electway Technology Co., Ltd. based in Guangzhou, CHINA. from Hydro Turbine Product line

  • Gamesa Electric - Electrical Generators

    The hydroelectric sector is characterised by a high level of customisation, as each power station must be optimised according to the hydroelectric resource available and the configuration of the installation.

    By Gamesa Electric based in Zamudio, SPAIN. from Hydroelectric Energy Product line

  • Heidemann - Micro Hydro Stations for Remote Areas

    Building a hydropower plant, even small hydro plants, in almost all cases is a project which requires a larger investment. Again the omnipresent question of feasibility often rules out minor projects even if the realization would be a success for the area. Not the production of electricity only but as well operating pumping stations and water ...

    By Heidemann Wasserkraftanlagen based in Burladingen, GERMANY.

  • Rickly - Nautilus Francis Turbines

    The Francis Turbine is a 'reaction' turbine, meaning that it works in a fully flooded chamber and reacts to the flow of water around it. These turbines typically work best in cases where there is low-medium head, or in areas of downstream pressure after the turbine.

    By Rickly Hydro based in Columbus, OHIO (USA). from Turbine Product line

  • Getai - Model 1 - Francis Turbine

    Francis turbine could be designed for the hydropower resource with various heads ranged from 10m to 500m . The water pass the runner vanes gathered in radiation and flow out in axial finally. It is recommended for the plant with flexible heads and outputs.

    By Shenyang Getai Hydropower Equipment Co.,Ltd based in Yuhong District, Shenyang, CHINA. from Francis Turbine Product line

  • Model 0,1 - 5MW - Francis Hydro Turbines

    Ganz has two standard design Francis turbine groups, both  having horizontal shaft arrangements. In the first group, the runner is mounted directly on the free end of the generator shaft, thus the weight and thrust of the runner are absorbed by the generator bearing. In case, the unit must be fitted with ...

    By Ganz Engineering and Energy Production Machinery LLC based in Budapest, HUNGARY. from Hydro Turbines Product line

  • Model 0,1 - 5MW - Kaplan Hydro Turbine

    Arrangement: Several arrangements have been developed to obtain the most cost effective solution for any given project. Apart from technical considerations, the possible cost of erection and costs involved in running and maintaining the unit were also considered.

    By Ganz Engineering and Energy Production Machinery LLC based in Budapest, HUNGARY. from Hydro Turbines Product line

  • INSET - Units for Small Hydropower Plants

    Hydro units with axial type turbines (GA-1, GA-8, GA-8M, GA-14, Pr15, Pr30) and output up to 1800 kW; Hydro units with Francis type turbines (GA-2, GA-4, GA-9, GA-11) and output up to 5600 kW; Hydro units with Pelton type turbines (GA-5, GA-10, GA-10M, 200K) and output up to 3 300 kW.

    By INSET Ltd. based in St Petersburg, RUSSIA.

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