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  • Intro to Hydropower - Measuring Head and Flow

    Small-scale hydro is the only renewable energy source that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the first article in this series (HP103), I explained the basics of hydroelectric system theory, and reviewed system components. This article focuses on measuring a stream’s head and flow. Before you can beg

  • West charleston hydro - Case study

    In 2004, Great Bay Hydro Corporation acquired four generating facilities in Vermont, including the West Charleston Hydro plant which had been out of operation and abandoned for a number of years. The ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Swing Micro-Energy Harvesting Systems

    Swing Micro-Energy Harvesting Systems

    Hydrospin’s SWING 10W (DN80 –DN100 \ 3’’- 4”) units are micro-energy harvesting systems installable in urban water pipelines of 3” and 4” (80mm and 100mm) diameters, designed to convert energy from the water running in the pipelines to hydroelectricity. The micro-energy is then used to power all monitoring and control devices installed on the pipeline, ...