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  • Classification of Power Press Power

    Classification of Power Press Power

    Power press machine is a general term. And it includes punch, hydraulic press, with characteristics of versatility and high production efficiency. it makes metal have plastic deformation and fracture to process parts through exerting strong pressure to the metal blank. So I will take you to have a detailed ...

  • Tulloch 3rd unit addition - Case study

    Tulloch 3rd unit addition - Case study

    Located on the Stanislaus River in central California, the Tulloch Dam operates two vertical Francis units for a combined output of 18 MW. Commissioned in 2012, CHC provided an additional 1650 mm ...


  • What is floating solar?

    What is floating solar?

    The body of water is typically an artificial basin, dam, or lake.  Any land locked body of water can be home to a floating solar installation within reason. Floating solar is also referred to as FPV (floating photovoltaic), and more recently, ...

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  • Protection of Hydropower Equipments

    Protection of Hydropower Equipments

    Variable frequency drives (VFDs) at hydroelectric power plants often control critical systems such as irrigation, water levels, fish management devices or flood gate control systems. In many cases the VFDs may already be equipped with manufacturer-installed line side surge protective devices (SPDs) to protect against spikes generated by switching motor loads. However, these built in SPDs may not ...