Hydropower Reservoir

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  • River Dommel (NL) - Case Study

    In the spring of 2016 the construction of a new hydropower plant in the Dommel river near Sint-Michielsgestel started. The existing dam in the river is equipped with a Landustrie hydropower screw and will generate renewable energy for approximately 200 households.The Dommelstroom project is the first cooperative hydropower power plant in the Netherlands, initiated by Bram and Jan Taks, father and ...


  • Why floating solar panels are on the rise

    Solar power companies in Southeast Asian that are competing for land with agriculture, industry and expanding populations have found an innovative alternative: placing floating panels in lakes, dams, reservoirs and the sea.

Equipment & Solutions

  • Hydropower Stations

    Hydropower Stations

    Hydropower plants harness water`s energy and use simple mechanics to convert that energy into electricity. Hydropower plants are actually based on simple concept water flowing through a dam turns a turbine, which turns a generator. Here are the basic components of a conventional hydropower plant. Hydropower is considered a renewable energy resource because it uses the Earth`s water cycle to ...


Upcoming Events

  • HYDRO - 2019

    HYDRO - 2019

    The HYDRO 2019 Technical Exhibition will showcase more than 180 companies active in the fields of hydropower and dam engineering. All refreshment breaks will take place in the exhibition area, and a Networking Evening will take place on Tuesday 15 October, with late opening of the Exhibition to give all attendees an additional chance to visit companies and forge new business links in an informal ...

HYDRO - 2019

Oct. 13rd - 15th | Porto