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Kaplan Hydro Turbines equipment for Hydro Energy

  • PowerPal - Model Mill Series - Turbines

    PowerPal's Mill Series is designed to re-equip old mill sites as electricity generating stations for the owners' personal use and also for the resale of any excess power into the local grid. As these sites generally combine relatively low heads with quite generous flow rates, the preferred turbine designs employed are semi-kaplan propeller ...

    By Asian Phoenix Resources Ltd. based in Victoria, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Hydroalp - Kaplan Turbines

    Hydroalp provides Kaplan turbines for low head plants, from a few meters to tens of meters, with discharge from a few cubic meters up to a few tens of cubic meters per second. Kaplan turbines are the best technical solution for all those sites where low head and high flow coexist. Kaplan turbines are available in various configurations to better ...

    By Hydroalp S.r.l. based in Cimego, ITALY. from Turbines Product line

  • Reivax - Model RVX - Power Speed Governor System

    The RVX Power Speed Governor System was developed for speed and power control of turbines. Besides speed regulation, they can perform all the supervision, command and automation functions required for power generation turbines. The speed governor RVX Power system can be fully customized to meet the most demanding requirements. Reivax can supply a ...

    By Reivax North America, Inc. based in Montréal, CANADA. from Speed Governor Product line

  • Bulb Turbines

    The bulb turbine is a variation of the propeller-type turbine (similar to the Kaplan turbine). In the bulb turbine arrangement, the generator is encapsulated and sealed within a streamlined watertight steel housing mounted in the center of the water passageway. The generator is driven by a variable-pitch propeller located on the downstream end of ...

    By HydroTech Engineering, LLC based in Sandy, UTAH (USA). from Turbines Product line

  • Zeco - Kaplan Hydro Turbine

    Classic solution for the exploitation of high water volumes and low heads, Kaplan Turbines benefit of high efficiency even with wide flow rate range, thanks to the runner and wicket gate regulation system. Zeco supplies Kaplan turbines both in vertical or horizontal solution, directly connected to the generator shaft or through the use of belts or ...

    By Zeco Di Zerbaro & Costa & C. S.r.l based in Fara Vicentino (Vicenza), ITALY.

  • Zeco - Submerged Kaplan Hydro Turbine (Bulb)

    Represents the evolution of Kaplan turbine, developed to reduce civil works and the enviromental effects in HPP. Power from 80 kW up to 2 MW
Horizontal or vertical configuration.

    By Zeco Di Zerbaro & Costa & C. S.r.l based in Fara Vicentino (Vicenza), ITALY.

  • Propeller Kaplan Hydro Turbines

    Propeller turbines – from 10 kW to 500 kW. We produce propeller turbines with a rotor diameter – from fi 300 mm to 1100 mm

    By Hydro Energy Michal Twardziszewski based in Jelenia Góra, POLAND.

  • Siapro - Kaplan Hydro Turbine

    Kaplan water turbine is axial overpressure water turbine, which has a radial inflow, outflow, however axial. It is used for high flow rates and low lows. For a wide range of flow rate is achieved a very good yields, even more than 92%. More than 20 years of experience means the accumulation of experience and knowledge that guarantee ...

    By Siapro d.o.o. based in MOST NA SOČI, SLOVENIA.

  • Orengine - Hydro Turbines

    Orengine can supply various types of turbine: Tubular Kaplan, with steel or concrete spiral casing, Pelton vertical or horizontal, Francis vertical or horizontal, with single runner or with two runners, Cross-Flow.

    By Orengine International Ltd. based in Lavagna, ITALY.

  • Hydrolink - Model SSK Type - S-Shape Double Regulated Horizontal Kaplan Turbine

    Standard runner diameters 600 – 2400 mm. Suitable for heads 1,5 - 4 m. Runner blades made from special bronze alloy.

    By Hydrolink, s.r.o. based in Roztoky, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Kaplan Hydro Turbine Product line

  • SAXO - Model ZK Type - Z-Shape Double Regulated Vertical Kaplan Turbines

    Standard runner diameters 750 – 1400 mm. Suitable for heads 1,5 – 15 m. Runner blades and guide vanes made from special stainless steel, by lower heads from special bronze alloy. The solution for existing plants, as a replacement of old Francis turbines, where is no space for horizontal turbine or for special installations. direct ...

    By Hydrolink, s.r.o. based in Roztoky, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Kaplan Hydro Turbine Product line

  • Getai - Model ZDJP502-LH-240 - Kaplan and Tubular Runner

    Design for low head and large water flow hydropower station.Under the same water head, its specific speed is higher compared with the Francis turbine. Application water head is about 3-80m. Axial-flow turbine runner for Feng Huang HPP.

    By Shenyang Getai Hydropower Equipment Co.,Ltd based in Yuhong District, Shenyang, CHINA. from Kaplan & Tubular Product line

  • DTL - Small and Micro Scale Hydroelectric Systems

    Dependable Turbines Ltd. (DTL) has an excellent reputation for designing, manufacturing and supplying very high quality components in our turbine packages at a very competitive price for small scale hydro plants. The hydraulic performance of DTL ‘state of the art’ products is comparable to the large turbine manufacturers. Every project ...

    By Dependable Turbines Ltd. (DTL) based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Getai - Kaplan Turbine Runner Blade

    Kaplan turbine runner blade for Su Zhi HPP.D1=8440mm

    By Shenyang Getai Hydropower Equipment Co.,Ltd based in Yuhong District, Shenyang, CHINA. from Kaplan & Tubular Product line

  • WaterGenPower - Turnkey Hydropower Plants

    WaterGenPower Turnkey hydroelectric power plants equiped with: PELTON Turbines up to 80 MW capacity, both horizontal and vertical types. FRANCIS Turbines up to 200 MW capacity, both vertical and horizontal types. KAPLAN turbines up to 100 MW capacity. BULB turbines up to 32 MW capacity. WaterGenPower offers Generators, Turbines, Rotors, Valves and ...

    By WaterGenPower based in Genova, ITALY.

  • GE - Kaplan Hydro Turbine

    Excellent performance in a range of applications. With a double regulation system, Kaplan turbines provide high efficiency over a broad range of configurations. The vertical configuration of the Kaplan turbine allows for larger runner diameters (above 10 m) and increased unit power, as compared to Bulb Turbines. Our Kaplan turbines also keep the ...

    By GE Renewable Energy based in Paris, FRANCE. from Large Hydropower Turbines Product line

  • OSSBERGER - Kaplan Hydro Turbine

    Based on the Francis Turbine the Kaplan Turbine was developed by the Austrian engineer Victor Kaplan towards the beginning of the 20th century. Due to its adjustable runner blades this turbine system is most adaptive. Apart from the original version with vertical shaft and inlet spiral the bulb turbine variant has spread widely over the world.

    By OSSBERGER GmbH Co. KG based in Weissenburg, GERMANY. from Hydropower Turbines Product line

  • Magnetic Fan Motor

    When electricity is applied to a magnetic fan motor it makes the fan spin, but did you know the reverse also true? If you spin the fan blade backwards it produces electricity. Water pressure is energy, and by using the pressure and flow created by gravity found in places like common water pipes to spin the fan, it transforms ...

    By ClearPower North America based in Castle Rock, COLORADO (USA).

  • KCT - Vortex Turbine

    The KCT is the world’s first patented vortex turbine, operated using the spin as distinct from the fall of water, in the waterway, reservior or on land. The KCT harnesses the energy in a vortex, drawing from the Coriolis Force to produce approximately 27% more electricity when combined with a conventional turbine, as revealed during proof of ...

    By Kourispower Pty. Ltd. based in AUSTRALIA.

  • CHC - Conventional Hydro Kaplan Turbines

    Maximum output and control in higher head conditions. Specifically suited to high head hydro sites, CHC manufactures a range of conventional Kaplan turbines ranging in size from 500 mm to 3200 mm. Conventional Kaplan turbines feature adjustable turbine blades and wicket gates and are designed to optimize efficiency across a wide range of heads and ...

    By Canadian Hydro Components Ltd. (CHC) based in Almonte, ONTARIO (CANADA).

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