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  • Axial Flow Turbines
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    Axial Flow Turbines

    By Canadian Hydro Components Ltd. (CHC)

    CHC supplies more Axial Flow Kaplan and Propeller turbines than any other type of equipment in its product line. These units are built for durability and high efficiency and offer one of the most competitive ...

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  • Canadian Hydro Components Ltd. (CHC)

    Canadian Hydro Components Ltd. (CHC)

    Canadian Hydro Components (CHC) is a leading Canadian manufacturer of high performance, competitively priced hydroelectric turbines for low to medium ...

  • Hydropak International

    Hydropak International

    Imported Micro Mini Hydro Power Equipment, Solar Electrification, Solar Based Drinking Water Supply Schemes, Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical , ...

  • Tecnoturbines S.L

    Tecnoturbines S.L

    Tecnoturbines is a water turbine company that takes care to be involved in every stage of a project’s life cycle. Our mission is to drive progress by ...

  • Natel Energy, Inc.

    Natel Energy, Inc.

    Natel Energy, Inc. is launching a new hydropower product enabling cost-effective production of low impact, distributed baseload energy from existing ...

  • 3Helix Power

    3Helix Power

    3Helix Power is focused on Archimedes screw technology, providing solutions for sites with head ranging from 1-10 meters with flows in the range of ...