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  • No Place Is Too Far

    The remote location of hydropower stations is often a great challenge when major repair work is necessary. The refurbishment of a large generator in the Scottish Highlands shows how Sulzer finds cost-effective service solutions even in places miles from nowhere.Much of the UK hydroelectric capacity was built during the 1950s. These installations have performed extremely well, especially c


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  • Pelton Turbine

    Pelton Turbine

    Since 1904 CKD Blansko has manufactured more than 53 Pelton turbines and they operate at 28 sites. Their total output amounts more than 1 678 MW. CKD Blansko Holding can produce and supply Pelton runners of welded structure. The runner consists of a disc forged together with half of the buckets, while the remainder of the buckets is welded in. They are of the weld is beyond the parts exposed to ...