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Pelton Hydro Turbines equipment for Hydro Energy

  • Reivax - Model RVX - Power Speed Governor System

    The RVX Power Speed Governor System was developed for speed and power control of turbines. Besides speed regulation, they can perform all the supervision, command and automation functions required for power generation turbines. The speed governor RVX Power system can be fully customized to meet the most demanding requirements. Reivax can supply a ...

    By Reivax North America, Inc. based in Montréal, CANADA. from Speed Governor Product line

  • Siapro - Pelton Turbines

    Turbines can be installed horizontal or vertical. Stream of water that flows from the nozzle come with high speed tangential to the turbine blades, which are welded two parts in the form of single or double dipper. The amount of water that flows into the turbine blades can be controlled. Doing so we are changing the flow of water. Pelton turbines ...

    By Siapro d.o.o. based in MOST NA SOČI, SLOVENIA.

  • Rainpower - Small Hydro Plant

    Rainpower started to focus on small hydropower plants in 2009. However, our employees have many years’ experience in the construction of small-scale power pre-dating Rainpower’s existence, gained at Kværner and at the workshop in Sørumsand. Rainpower’s small-scale power solutions are essentially based on the ...

    By Rainpower Norway as based in Kjeller, NORWAY.

  • INSET - Micro Hydropower Plants

    Output up to 5 kW (MHPP-10Pr) H = 2,0 - 4,5m, Q = 0,07-0,14 m3/s; output up to 10 kW (MHPP-10Pr) H = 4,0 - 10,0 m, Q = 0,10-0,21 m3/s; output up to 15 kW (MHPP-15Pr) H = 4,5 - 12,0 m, Q = 0,10-0,30 m3/s; output up to 50 kW (MHPP-50Pr) H = 2,0 - 10,0 m, Q = 0,30-0,90 m3/s; output up to 100 kW (MHPP-100Pr) H = 6,0 - 18,0 m, Q = 0,50-1,20 m3/s.

    By INSET Ltd. based in St Petersburg, RUSSIA.

  • Orengine - Hydro Turbines

    Orengine can supply various types of turbine: Tubular Kaplan, with steel or concrete spiral casing, Pelton vertical or horizontal, Francis vertical or horizontal, with single runner or with two runners, Cross-Flow.

    By Orengine International Ltd. based in Lavagna, ITALY.

  • DTL - Small and Micro Scale Hydroelectric Systems

    Dependable Turbines Ltd. (DTL) has an excellent reputation for designing, manufacturing and supplying very high quality components in our turbine packages at a very competitive price for small scale hydro plants. The hydraulic performance of DTL ‘state of the art’ products is comparable to the large turbine manufacturers. Every project ...

    By Dependable Turbines Ltd. (DTL) based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • WaterGenPower - Turnkey Hydropower Plants

    WaterGenPower Turnkey hydroelectric power plants equiped with: PELTON Turbines up to 80 MW capacity, both horizontal and vertical types. FRANCIS Turbines up to 200 MW capacity, both vertical and horizontal types. KAPLAN turbines up to 100 MW capacity. BULB turbines up to 32 MW capacity. WaterGenPower offers Generators, Turbines, Rotors, Valves and ...

    By WaterGenPower based in Genova, ITALY.

  • GE - Pelton Hydro Turbine

    High performing turbines for heads ranging from 200m to 1,800m. Based on vast field experience, GE offers vertical shaft machines equipped with multi-jet collectors for an output up to ~350 MW and with runner diameters up to 4m. We provide horizontal shaft single or double runner Pelton turbines with one or two jets. These turbines operate ...

    By GE Renewable Energy based in Paris, FRANCE. from Large Hydropower Turbines Product line

  • Hydrolink - Model HHP H Type - Horizontal Compact Pelton Turbine

    Runner buckets made from special stainless steel. Electromechanical servo drives. Runner mounted either on own bearings or by smaller turbines directly on the generator shaft, what makes the turbine more simple and it creates compact unit with generator. Certified for use in drinking water.

    By Hydrolink, s.r.o. based in Roztoky, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Pelton Turbine Product line

  • HPP - Pelton Turbine

    Designed for heads between 30 m to 1000 m, HPP Pelton runners can achieve more than 91,5% of efficiency. All HPP Pelton runners are made by forging and full CNC machining.

    By Hydro Power Plant SAS (HPP) based in VANDOEUVRE LES NANCY, FRANCE.

  • HIDROPOWER d.o.o. - Pelton Turbines

    High head Pelton turbines with excellent partial load performance:• Head range from 30 m up to 1000 m• Horizontal axis with 1 to 3 nozzles• Vertical axis with 2 to 6 nozzles• Runner is fitted to the generator shaft or a 4-bearing turbine-generator arrangement• Runner welded or CNC manufactured from high grade, wear-resistant stainless steel• ...

    By HIDROPOWER d.o.o. based in SLOVENIA.

  • Hydroscreen - Micro Hydro Diversion Screens

    Keep debris, sediments, and fish out of your turbine and prevent nozzle plugging and impeller wear. Debris and coarse sediment wreck havoc on micro hydro systems. The smaller orifices in these turbines can easily become plugged and the jets, which direct water to a pelton wheel or impeller, eroded and worn by any sediment in the water. Our micro ...

    By Hydroscreen Co. LLC based in Denver, COLORADO (USA).

  • Pelton Turbine

    Since 1904 CKD Blansko has manufactured more than 53 Pelton turbines and they operate at 28 sites. Their total output amounts more than 1 678 MW. CKD Blansko Holding can produce and supply Pelton runners of welded structure. The runner consists of a disc forged together with half of the buckets, while the remainder of the buckets is welded in. ...

    By CKD Blansko Holding, a.s. based in Blansko, CZECH REPUBLIC.

  • WKV - Pelton Turbine

    Head range from 30 m up to more than 1 000 m, Capacity up to about 20 000 kW, Single- double-, four-, five- or six-jet design available, Horizontal or vertical shaft arrangements, Jet deflectors for outstanding dynamic performance 2 or 4 bearing gen-set arrangements, Well suited to sites with significant fluctuations in the water flow, Developed ...

    By Wasserkraft Volk AG based in Gutach, GERMANY. from Turbines and Power Plants Product line

  • Pelton Turbines

    Pelton turbines are an excellent solution for projects with high to medium heads and strong flow variation. VAPTECH provides Pelton turbines with horizontal or vertical shaft arrangement and with 1 to 6 injectors.

    By VAPTECH Ltd based in Sofia, BULGARIA. from Hydro Product line

  • INSET - Units for Small Hydropower Plants

    Hydro units with axial type turbines (GA-1, GA-8, GA-8M, GA-14, Pr15, Pr30) and output up to 1800 kW; Hydro units with Francis type turbines (GA-2, GA-4, GA-9, GA-11) and output up to 5600 kW; Hydro units with Pelton type turbines (GA-5, GA-10, GA-10M, 200K) and output up to 3 300 kW.

    By INSET Ltd. based in St Petersburg, RUSSIA.

  • Hydro Turbines

    The Hydro Energia own hydroelectric Turbines technology is based on 25 years long experience in design and production of the main type of turbines such as: Kaplan, Francis and Pelton from 100 kW up to 40 MW, each ones with various setting according to the needs of our Costumers. In the last years almost 200 hydro units have been engineered, ...

    By ATB Riva Calzoni SpA based in RONCADELLE (Bs), ITALY. from Small Hydro Product line

  • ADDNEW - Pelton turbine

    They operate in a head range of 100 meters to 1000 meters and are primarily used for electrical power production. The power output ranges from 200KW to 20000KW, Runner diameters are between 0.13 and 5.81 meters. The speed range of the turbine is from 250 to 1000 rpm.* The runner works by being heavily pushed with jet flow that is switched through ...

    By Addnew Hydropower Limited based in Changsha, CHINA.

  • FEROFORM - Model T814 - Composite Material

    FEROFORM T814 is a composite material made from woven fibre bonded with resin with PTFE as a friction modifier.

    By Tenmat ltd based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM. from FEROFORM Product line

  • GE - Medium and Large Hydro Generators

    High reliability and the highest outputs available worldwide. GE's medium and large hydro generators are designed for run-of-river and high head hydropower plants. Our knowledge and experience in Hydropower allows our GE team to match customers with the best technology for their site.

    By GE Renewable Energy based in Paris, FRANCE. from Large Hydro Generators Product line

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