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  • Tidal power - A different perspective

    Tidal power - A different perspective

    Kepler Energy is taking a different approach to tidal power, applying a design that can be used in benign sea conditions in a location closer to end-demand and which could generate utility-scale quantities of power, as Peter Dixon explains.The physical environment of tidal turbines is clearly very different to that of wind turbines, not least because water is a lot denser than air! However, ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Tidal Fences

    Tidal Fences

    The concept of Tidal Fences was first proposed in the UK Government’s Severn Embryonic Technologies Scheme (SETS) in 2009. However, appropriate technology was not available at the time. The Kepler THAWT is the ideal turbine to exploit the significant advantages of the Tidal Fence system. The illustration, taken from the SETS report, shows a possible layout in the Severn Estuary, but note ...

Upcoming Events

  • Renexpo Interhydro 2020

    Renexpo Interhydro 2020

    The trade fair and congress RENEXPO INTERHYDRO is the biggest international platform for hydropower in the German speaking area. Everyone, from experts to beginners, can gather information and discuss the innovation and future potential of water, the regenerative energy source - innovative, ecological, sustainable.