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Tidal Energy equipment for Hydro Energy

  • Steam Turbine Components

    We supply parts for customers throughout Europe with a focus on meeting high quality requests with highest quality request. Our parts are primarily used in HYDRO power, THERMAL power, NUCLEAR power, STEAM turbine components, INSIDE / GEOTHERMAL power plants, CRITICAL applications and WIND and TIDAL power.

    By KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ KOVÁRNA s.r.o. based in Královo Pole, CZECH REPUBLIC.

  • Nova - Model D2T2 - Direct Drive Tidal Turbine

    Nova Innovation has secured funding from the European Commission to demonstrate a direct drive tidal turbine – a technology that, when commercialised, will revolutionise the future of the tidal energy sector. Nova has secured grant funding of €2.25m through the European Commission under phase 2 of Horizon 2020's SME Instrument ...

    By Nova Innovation Ltd based in Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • MAKO - Tidal Turbines

    A new class of tidal turbine built from innovative design and engineering. Unlocking the true potential of ocean renewable energy.

    By MAKO Turbines Pty Ltd based in Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

  • Ocean Power Tidal Fence Pump and Turbine (PaT)

    The RONAMIC Tidal Fence PaT is a typical application of the RONAMIC technology in Tidal Fence/Range Ocean Power. Because the RONAMIC positive displacement (hydrostatic) technology is highly scalable, this application can be delivered with rotors of 6 meters in diameter and 6 meters in length. Just as all other RONAMIC machines, the Tidal ...

    By Ronamic based in CW Noordwijk, NETHERLANDS.

  • HydroQuest - Tidal Turbine

    The aim: install marine current turbine fields all around the world using HydroQuest technology.

    By HydroQuest SAS based in Meylan, FRANCE. from Tidal Turbine Product line

  • Briefing of the System

    This is a mechanism used to generate power from the tidal energy. It’s a very simple mechanism and that can be implemented nearer to the sea shore, so that the transmission of power from the mechanism to the generator can be reduced. Figure 1 shows how a single device works, and figure - 2 shows a lot of such devices installed in order. The ...

    By CNJ Technology based in Bangalore, INDIA.

  • EnviroGen - Model 025 Series - Mid-Sized Line of Power Generation Systems

    The EnviroGen 025 Series is our mid-sized line of power generation systems with output capacities from 20 – 50 kW depending on application specific conditions. Larger than the 005 series, these systems are suitable for remote or grid connected configurations including supplementing existing diesel micro-grids or direct grid connections. The ...

    By New Energy Corporation Inc. (NECI) based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Power Generation Units Product line

  • Tidal Turbines

    Tidal turbines are best described as underwater wind mills, but with shorter blades rotating at slower speed. Designed for water depths of between 35 and 100 m, the tidal turbines are deployed on the seabed and kept in position by gravity, pins or pilings (depending on the seabed and tidal stream characteristics). This eliminates any visual or ...

    By ANDRITZ HYDRO Hammerfest (UK) Limited based in Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • TidalStream - Model PLAT-I - Tidal Energy Platforms

    PLAT-I has been developed in order to access sheltered lower resource sites around the world in places such as Asia and South America where tidal and run of river energy can be directly competitive with expensive, unreliable, and dirty local electricity generation methods. Part of PLAT-I's development has been funded by Innovate UK and the ...

    By TidalStream Ltd. based in Southam, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Nova - Model TESS - Tidal Energy Storage System

    Nova Innovation has secured funding from the Scottish Government’s Low Carbon Infrastructure Programme (LCITP) to build and operate an energy storage solution for the Shetland Tidal Array. A key aim of the project is to demonstrate the economic and technical benefit of combining Nova’s tidal array and an energy storage system to enable ...

    By Nova Innovation Ltd based in Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Offshore Tidal Power Generation Technology

    Offshore tidal power generation (tidal lagoons) is a new approach to tidal power conversion that resolves the environmental and economic problems of the familiar “tidal barrage” technology. Tidal lagoons use a rubble mound impoundment structure and low-head hydroelectric generating equipment situated a mile or more offshore in a high ...

    By Tidal Electric Inc. based in CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • PM Generators - Permanent Magnet Generators for Hydroelectric Applications

    Our permanent magnet generators have been used in a wide variety of hydroelectric applications. From penstocks to tidal projects, the company’s generators have stood the test of time by providing reliability and affordability in an industry where it is vital. We currently provide permanent magnet alternators for up to 100 KW projects.

    By PM Generators Ltd. based in Chandigarh, INDIA. from Hydro Product line

  • NeerGen - Hydro Energy Generators

    Hydro energy is available in many forms, potential energy from high heads of water retained in dams, kinetic energy from current flow in rivers and tidal barrages, and kinetic energy also from the movement of waves on relatively static water masses. Many ingenious ways have been developed for harnessing this energy but most involve directing the ...

    By HIT India based in Pune , INDIA.

  • Bakker - Rotor Assembly for Tidal Application

    For tidal generators, the use of permanent magnets offer the advantage that they will always supply energy, even at variable and low speed. The direct drive solutions eliminate the gearbox which saves costs and maintenance. In this rotor assembly the generator is equipped with large SmCo magnets.

    By Bakker Magnetics B.V. based in EL Son, NETHERLANDS. from Magnetic Technology & Assemblies - Renewable Energy Product line

  • Lockheed Martin - Model AR1500 - Tidal Power Turbine Systems

    Tremendous potential exists for clean energy in waves and tides. Lockheed Martin is leveraging its experience and expertise with maritime systems to design and develop tidal power systems.

    By Lockheed Martin based in Bethesda, MARYLAND (USA). from Energy Product line

  • ATLAS - Individual Blade Controller

    Reduce loads to lower capital and operational costs. ATLAS (Advanced Turbine Load Alleviation System) is our patented individual blade control (IBC) solution for load reduction and turbine performance enhancement. It works by adjusting each blade’s pitch angle individually in response to measured loads. ATLAS is proven to significantly ...

    By SgurrControl based in Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • FEROFORM - Model T814 - Composite Material

    FEROFORM T814 is a composite material made from woven fibre bonded with resin with PTFE as a friction modifier.

    By Tenmat ltd based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM. from FEROFORM Product line

  • Tidal Energy

    A key aspect of our move into renewables is tidal energy, where a strong footing in oil and gas and civil engineering provides a key advantage. We have built up an extremely strong network of partner companies in what is still a fledgling industry and can help your company or product avoid some of the expensive pitfalls in this immature but ...

    By Energy Project Management based in Methil, Scotland, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Hydro Energy

    We continue to build up a database of flows and velocities of the major UK rivers, particularly for 'in-river' devices. Through our support and development of Flumill AS we, here at EPM, identified the Hydro Energy potential of the Flumill Tidal Device in river and other water flow applications. Again, using our engineering knowledge, we have ...

    By Energy Project Management based in Methil, Scotland, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • TiPA - Tidal Turbines

    A European tidal energy consortium, led by Nova Innovation, has secured funding from the European Commission to demonstrate and validate an innovative subsystem (a direct drive power take-off (PTO) solution) for tidal turbines. The PTO subsystem is the component that transforms the mechanical power in the tidal turbine rotor into electricity that ...

    By Nova Innovation Ltd based in Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM.

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