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  • Vortex Bladeless biography & current stage

    The idea behind the technology //Vortex Bladelessis a tech startup. We are developing anenvironmentally friendlywind generator which needsno blades nor rotation. It is a new technology designed for modular on-site energy generation and low-consumption systems off-grid, specially thought to work along with other Vortex units or regular solar panels.Our vortex wind turbine is

  • The future of wind turbines could be bladeless

    With their considerable height and large blades turning almost hypnotically, wind turbines have become an iconic symbol of the planet`s shift to renewable sources of energy. In Spain, however, one ...


  • Generating renewable energy from ocean and river currents

    Generating renewable energy from ocean and river currents

    A device designed to capture and convert energy from ocean and river currents has been developed to provide a source of clean and renewable energy. The designers suggest that energy produced by the device will be cheaper than that from either solar ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Flow and Energy Manager

    Flow and Energy Manager

    Universal flow and energy computer for gases, liquids and steam. The flow and energy manager RMC621 calculates standard volume as well as mass and energy flows of natural and technical gases, fluids and steam from flow, pressure, temperature and density. Depending on the medium calculation of the energy values occurs according to international standards (IAPWSIF97, SGERG88), real gas equations ...