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  • Converting Coconut Shell Into Bio Charcoal Fuel Briquettes

    Converting Coconut Shell Into Bio Charcoal Fuel Briquettes

    Sugarcane is definitely a profitable crop that is certainly grown in multiple countries around the world, particularly those with warm, humid climates. Some the most significant produced in the crop include Brazil, India, Thailand and China. A few of the main applications of a sugarcane harvest include food manufacturing and cosmetic manufacturing. One of the most valuable component of sugarcane ...

  • Commercial Generator

    Choosing the right commercial generator to protect yourself and your investments in the event of a blackout or other loss of electricity is a very sound decision. In order to avoid confusion or ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Plants

    Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Plants

    A waste-to-energy (WTE) plant is constructed in TWO (2) Phases: Phase 1 is elimination of the waste by gasification (incineration). This Phase 1 represents 10% to 15% of the full Waste-to-Energy plant cost. With normal tipping fees it is quickly paid for and profitable. Phase 2 is the energy recovery and electricity generation, and this can be constructed at any later time. This at 85 to 90% of ...

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  • The Global Energy Show - 2021

    The Global Energy Show - 2021

    The Global Energy Show (previously the Global Petroleum Show) highlights new technologies, innovation and optimism for a strong united energy sector. Encompassing all aspects of the industry, the Global Energy Show truly is the place to be. In 2019 as the Global Petroleum Show, 53,000+ international and domestic oil and gas executives from over 22,500 companies convened at the Global Energy Show ...