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  • In the Midst of a Pandemic

    In the Midst of a Pandemic

    It is perhaps an understatement to say the last few months have been challenging in many ways across the world and no less here at Matthews Environmental Solutions Ltd. Of course, our main priority throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been the safety of our team and their families. That said, it was essential for us to develop new ways of working, allowing for the vast majority of our staff to ...

  • What materials can be incinerated?

    What materials can be incinerated?

    What Is Incineration? Incineration is the process of burning waste material at a high temperature as a way of disposal. This process is also known as ‘thermal treatment’. Incineration ...


  • FT present at Funéraire in Paris

    FT present at Funéraire in Paris

    FT attended the biennial Funéraire trade fair in Paris (le Bourget) in November and were the only manufacturer of cremation equipment and accessories to attend. At our spacious stand we were able to greet many visitors and advise them on the ...

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  • Fire


    Biomass refers to the entirety of the mass of organic material in a defined ecosystem that became bio-chemically synthesized. Therefore it contains the mass of all living beings, including the died out organisms and the organic metabolism products. About 60% of the biomass of the earth is represented through microorganisms. Biologists and geologists define biomass as a part of the uppermost earth ...