10 MW photovoltaic plant in Narbonne

At 10 MW, the photovoltaic power station planned for Narbonne represents ten times the power output of France's current largest photovoltaic plant on La Réunion. On 5 September the urban authority and EDF Energies Nouvelles are due to sign a lease which allows EDF to develop the facility on land belonging to the authority at a modest rent; at the end of the lease, the plant becomes the property of the local authority. The site for this massive solar plant is well chosen; Narbonne is one of the sunniest places in the country.   

But the project was chosen primarily to fulfil the city hall's commitment to carbon-neutral urban development. 'The goal is to be self-sufficient in the amount of energy needed for public buildings and street lighting,' says the press release. The panels which will move to follow the sun, will be installed on 23 hectares of 'no-man's land' next to an Areva site subject to the Seveso Directive on the city outskirts. The total project cost is 40 M?.

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