10 ton horizontal steam boiler in china


How to install a 10 ton industrial steam boiler

Steam Boiler installation and construction units must hold a boiler installation license issued by local labor department which consistent the boiler level installation type, and have some experience in boiler installation and good installation quality.

10 ton steam boiler Preparation before installation

Whether preparation before installation is adequacy or not, will directly affect the progress of construction, quality and efficiency. Preparation before installation can be divided into:
a. technical preparation: learning full boiler drawings and technical information. Based on existing national regulations, standards, technical standards and construction contracts, make the construction program, plans, technical rules and technical measures.
b. material preparation: equipment, materials, construction machinery, processing equipment and processing piece standards.
c. personnel preparation: with various types of personnel, technical training and technical tests.
d. construction site preparation: proof of construction site and traffic roads, environmental clean-up, divided the construction site, layout according to the construction design, temporary erection for construction use.
e. power preparation: water, electricity, compressed air (if necessary), and other pipes and lines laying.
When installation should consider the distance between boiler and buildings, to ensure that it’s sufficient to meet operational needs, maintenance and support facilities layout, in line with the relevant provisions .

10 ton steam boiler body installation:

a. After boiler foundation achieve the strength and acceptance requirements, draw three boiler baselines:
Vertical reference line ---- Drum Center
Transverse baseline ---- position line on the front panel or the panel position line
Elevation Baseline ---- choose a number of points around the basis to make mark, the corresponding offset between two marks should not exceed 1mm.
b. It’s better to use hanging method to place boiler if allowed on site, handling generally use 'rolling method', if the boiler foundation above the ground, should use templates, woods to put up a slope (must be able to withstand the weight of the boiler) and tract boiler to the foundation.
c. After the boiler body be placed on the foundation, should check the center line first, whether match with the line drawing on the base; the normal water level of the water level gauge is level or not; then check the contact of base and foundation is tight or not, if there is a gap, should add horn and correct until it’s level, the boiler body must be put balanced, solid, level, can not be ignored.
d. Special Note: The boiler body has been equipped with thermal insulation packing and trunking delivery from our company, so pay special attention not to touch the walls and other items, to avoid damage exterior insulation of the boiler when installing.


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