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£10m Milton Keynes AD contract awarded

Renewable Power Systems has won a £10m contract to build and operate a state of the art anaerobic digestion system for Milton Keynes Council.

The facility will process all of Milton Keynes food and garden waste – more than 25,000 tonnes   each year, as the council expects the amount of organic waste to rise to 30,000 tonnes in the next five to seven years.

Biogas produced by the AD process will generate electricity to power the facility itself and the bulk of it will be pumped into Milton Keynes’ district heating system.
Renewable Power Systems managing director Andrew Leech said: “A lot of councils have looked at composting their organic waste but now the next step is to get energy out of it. Because Milton Keynes has its own district heating system, this makes it a novel project. ”

Food and garden waste is already collected by the council’s contractor for composting.
Milton Keynes has been awarded funding from the Homes and Communities Agency as part of the Low Carbon Community Heating Initiative Fund, which supports 14 low carbon community heating projects. Leech added that the council also hopes to take advantage of the Government’s renewable heat incentive (RHI), which awards householders or organisations an incentive if they use renewable heating systems.
£10m Milton Keynes AD contract awarded

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