124 coal and gas-fired power plants slated for startup in 2006


Source: The McIlvaine Company

Untitled Document There are 124 coal and gas-fired power generation projects, 25 MW or larger, scheduled for 2006 startup in the McIlvaine Company database, World Power Generation Projects. Gas-fired projects outnumber coal-fired projects.

2006 Plant Startups (number of generator units)

Coal Gas LNG Total
U.S. 2 28 0 30
ROW 28 56 10 94
Total 30 84 10 124

In terms of megawatts of power to be generated there is less of a gap between coal and gas-fired plants.

2006 Startups (MW of capacity)

Coal Gas LNG Total
U.S. 420 15,642 0 16,062
ROW 23,255 36,004 6,214 65,473
Total 23,675 51,646 6,214 81,535

This database is updated continuously. It is expected that the number of gas-fired startups will be reduced due to the rapid escalation in natural gas prices. Some of these projects will be put on hold and others canceled.

&ldquo,There will be changes in the coal-fired totals as well,&rdquo, predicts Bob McIlvaine, President of McIlvaine Company. &ldquo,Nearly 100,000 MW of coal-fired boilers have been ordered in China in the last 24 months. The capacity of offshore and local boiler manufacturers to construct these units, uncertain environmental constraints, and other factors add unpredictable aspects.&rdquo,

There are more than 500 generators under design and construction for future operation worldwide. Many of these are coal-fired. In fact, in terms of megawatts, the number of coal-fired plants exceeds the gas-fired plants. The largest numbers of planned coal-fired plants are in China, India and the U.S. However, there are plans for new coal-fired generators in countries such as Germany and Japan who are leaders in the Kyoto protocol.

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