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After the undisputed success of last year’s edition, from May 19 to May 21 Vicenza Fair, Italy, is ready to open its gates to Solarexpo 2005, recognized as the leading renewable energy event in the whole Euro-Med area.

Mirroring the dynamic evolution of the markets, the exhibition is projected to grow by a further 40-50% this year, with an exhibition area of almost 10000 sqm and more than 200 direct exhibitors and represented companies, from 20 European and non-European countries.

The fast rising in oil price goes together at one side with the now fully mandatory targets of Kyoto Protocol, and at the other side with a market-driven widening interest in sustainability issues like energy saving technologies, green electricity generation, the integration of new plant and building envelope solutions. All together, this makes Solarexpo the ideal place for leading companies to present their innovative technologies and applications to engineers, architects, energy managers, utilities, local authorities and other public decision makers, ESCOs.

Next to the core technologies exhibited (solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, biomass heating and CHP, biogas, geothermal, wind, mini-hydropower, distributed generation) will find its place a new section dedicated to the “green building” concept, an integrated approach to sustainability in architecture, encompassing passive solar design of building envelope, insulating eco-materials, woodhousing, rainwater recycling, green roofs.

The conference programme running in parallel to the exhibition is the most important permanent event in Italy on renewable energy as regards debate on policy issues, technical-scientific progress, dissemination and training. More than 1200 qualified participants are expected to register to the conferences, workshops and courses.

Among the topics of this year’s programme: building-integrated photovoltaics (with the novel feed-in tariff tool to come soon into operation in Italy, following the successful example of countries like Germany), solar thermal in all its new applications (solar façades, large-scale plants, solar process heat, the frontiers of solar cooling), the promising, yet undervalued, sector of biogas exploitation in the agricultural and landfill sector, diffused mini- and micro-cogeneration, sustainable architecture.

The successful special event “German Day” promoted in 2004 edition by the Federal Government set the best example of integrated supply-and demand-side policies to foster the development of green energy. New entry of strategic importance on the world-wide renewable energy arena is of course China; thanks to a partnership with the Beijing Association of New Energy and Renewable Energy, a “Gateway to China” event will be organized to open to European companies an important window of opportunity in setting out new trade strategies toward such a large and fast-growing market. At the same time, international competitive considerations emphasises the need of upkeeping pan-European cooperation among companies, universities and research centres as regards R&D partnerships, technology transfer, as well as integrated industrial and commercial joint ventures. This is exactly the background of the “Technology Brokerage” event which will be organised by the European Innovation Relay Centres Network.

For further information please visit the website www.solarexpo.com or send a mail to press@solarexpo.com Press Officer: Ms Chiara Borsato tel. + 39 0439 849 855

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