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20 MW photovoltaic power station in Murcia


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Elecnor intends to build a turnkey photovoltaic power station of 20 MW at Jumilla (Murcia). The site, which will be called Hoya de los Vicentes, will be owned by Luzentia, and will cover more than 65 hectares, the equivalent of 80 football pitches. It will contain 200 separate units, to be managed both on site and remotely, making monitoring easier not only for the operators of the plant but also for the owners. The output of the Hoya de los Vicentes power station will represent 50% of the solar power capacity installed in Spain up till the end of 2005, and is equal to the Government's plan for total output by 2010. It is an ambitious solar power project, with an overall budget estimated at about 150 million euros. More than 350 people will be involved in its construction and implementation. It should be ready by the end of 2007. When it opens, the plant will generate enough power for the daily consumption of 20,000 Spanish homes, and will also save over 42,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Atersa, a subsidiary of the Elecnor group and the largest supplier of photovoltaic cells in Spain, will supply the 120,000 modules to be used in the power station. Each will be installed on a structure that follows the movement of the sun, on a trajectory calculated by Powerlight to ensure optimum use the sun's rays.   

The shape of the machines, specially designed for the site, will blend perfectly with the surroundings and show great respect for the natural environment in which they are installed. The solar infrastructure will generate low-voltage electricity, which will be amplified at the transformer centres distributed throughout the plant. The power will be run through an underground medium-voltage network to a substation that will prepare it for transfer to the national grid. The Hoya de los Vicentes solar power plant will generate the same output as the plant Elecnor is currently building in Trujillo, Cáceres, and it will produce more than twice the power of the world's largest plant currently in operation, which is in Bavaria, Germany, and produces 10 MW, as well as the 11 MW plant now under construction in Serpa, Portugal. With the construction of the Trujillo and Jumilla solar power plants, the Elecnor Group has affirmed its determination to develop renewable energy sources.

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