20 Ton Waste Heat Power Plant Boiler in Vietnam


Project: Q120/1000-20-3.82/450 
Application: power generation
Project site: H?i Duong, Vietnam

In June, 2015, we had one set of 20 ton waste heat boiler exported to H?i Duong, Vietnam, the Q120/1000-20-3.82/450 boiler was purchased by a Vietnam power plant. 

20 Ton Waste Heat Boiler specification

Type: waste heat boiler
Capacity: 20 t/h
Rated steam pressure: 3.82MPa
Rated steam temperature: 450?
Flue gas temperature:120?

Waste heat boiler power plant in Vietnam

In achieving a sustainable greener future, more awareness on potential energy recovery in industrial processes is important as their energy demand continues to grow. The Vietnam power plant takes advantage of recovering waste heat to strong its capacity of electric power supply as well as reduce cost.

The boiler applies membrane-type water wall with high heat conducting efficiency and good sealing performance, which has overcome the defects of traditional boilers: large quantity of air leakage, high heat loss and high energy consumption; employs suspension structure which is good for absorbing boiler expansion and has high operation safety.

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