European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources (EUFORES)

2006 Solid biomass Barometer

Europe’s will to substitute a part of its fossil fuel origin energy consumption (petrol, gas and coal) by solid biomass (principally wood and wood waste, but also straw, crop harvest residue, animal and vegetal waste as well) is beginning to pay off. EurObserv’ER presents the current development of the solid biomass sectors and, for the first time, it also monitors organic urban waste. All of this information can be found in the Barometer published in issue number 176 of the Systèmes Solaires magazine.

Solid biomass
Primary production of solid biomass (not including renewable solid urban waste) has once again increased markedly with 5.6% growth with respect to 2004 (+ 3.091 Mtoe). This growth is mainly due to German production (+ 1.731 Mtoe between 2004 and 2005), that allowed Germany to move closer up to the level of Swedish production (an increase of 0.470 Mtoe). The drop in Finnish production (- 0.8 Mtoe) is linked to a fall in activity of the paper pulp industry in 2005 (after having had a very good year in 2004). This sector supplies a significant share of biomass energy through production of black liqueur and wood waste.

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